Impact of Mobile Apps in the Fashion Industry

Impact of Mobile Apps in the Fashion Industry , Fashion App Developer

With the advent of smartphones in the communication market, began a whole new industry, which has created a revolutionary market that has led us to that phase wherein everything can be achieved with the help of a single click just by aiming it that way.


Yes, we are talking about the mobile app development companies and the aura of successful apps that they have been producing.


No industry has been left untouched by this phase. You might be the owner of a successful food chain across the globe, or may own a boutique stuffed in with the unique creations, but if you do not have an ap promoting the same, it can surely come up as an embarrassing situation as your clients end up judging us as the tech-illiterate people.


Hence, it is extremely important and almost necessary to have an app for your business.


Talking about the glam industry, it is one of those areas wherein the trends keep on changing with each rising sun. This has made its collaboration with the E-Commerce industry a successful one and thus many of the leading fashion brands have an app for their own.


Not only that, the mobile app developers have come up with multiple applications as such which are more like an all-in-store.


You end up finding products from thousands of brands all across the world experimenting with thousands of their products. Have a look at various apps and their expansion in the current decade.

app_revenue_by_fashion industry



This clearly shows the evolution of fashion industry boosted the mobile app development of various lifestyle apps and the results are present right in front of us.


Not only this, according to the survey conducted by Start Business of Fashion, there was an expansion of only 3.1%  in the fashion industry in last year which raised up to around 4% and still counting in 2017.


Thus after achieving a breakthrough success with the E-Commerce, the fashionistas now see to be attracted more by the M-Commerce which has led to the fashion industry bulging with the same.


Thus, nowadays, various fashion brands are now binding up with various mobile application development companies and are starting off a new inning in the M-Commerce industry.


Still confused about having an app of your own? Well, this blog is entirely for you.


Thus, if you are already the next big thing and want to have the perfect finishing touch and keep the buzz alive, read out further and understand where are the places you might be lagging at.


Absolute Necessary for the Brand Stores and Designers/ Analysts

Can you imagine yourself as the next big thing in the fashion industry? Do you imagine people to come up with your name the moment they think about buying a product?




Well, then, keeping up with the trends has to be your habit. This leads you to own a mobile app for sure no matter even if you are a beginner in this industry.


The amount of money that you spend on getting yourself a real store can get you stuck up in the same city for like the next few years.


A better option is to look out for the right Android app developer and thus have exposure to a wide audience.


In this way, you can display your products to the people all over the world and if accompanies with the right amount of marketing, then you can end up earning a huge amount of profit in a really short span of time.


Thus, with the advancing era, plan up to own a virtual store rather than spending thousands of dollars setting up a concrete one.


Also, try increasing your budget a bit and look out for the iOS app development,  thus also aiming the higher number of in-app customized purchases or end up getting more revenue for the same app.


Involvement of AR/VR to enhance it a bit more:


ar vr mobile apps



With the evolving technologies and the latest trends goofing up the mobile industry, the fashion apps these days can be equipped with a lot more of other features to add on beauty to their apps. Let us understand how.


What problem you generally encounter if while buying products from an online store? Without a doubt, it is surely associated with the size of the products.


Like, the customers are always in a dilemma regarding the size of the cloths before tying them and thus sometimes they end up not purchasing products online.


WEll, we even have a solution for this as with the help of the VR app developers,  you can now create a virtual platform that allows your customers to virtually try on the outfits by scanning up their bodies and thus allowing them to try on the products.


Hence, not only can they imagine themselves trying out their favorite outfits from your wide variety of products but also it is helpful to them to experience a sense of easiness to choose from the desired ranges, looking at their appearances.


Thus, various apps these days have already come up with these services to satisfy their customers. Hence, this should be a must-have feature in your app if you wish to stand out from the crowd.


Mobile Apps  An assurance for the loyalty of your Customers

A good way to keep your customers loyal to you and your services is the fact that they have your app installed on their devices. Still confused? Let us understand how!


close up of hands with smartphones at restaurant


Well, if the customer has an app, by default it becomes his first preference to check your website while planning to buy any product.Thus, somehow you are always going to be the first store that he reaches out to when he wishes to own something new.


Also, you can add on to his satisfaction by providing him with app-only discounts based on past purchases. This would make him feel the one getting more attention as a personalized customer. And who would deny the special treatment from your favorite brand, would you?


Do not have your own Brand but still want to make it through the fashion Industry? Here’s your answer!

Well, consider yourself as a gifted personality that has the perfect sense of fashion and the right amount of brain to earn money through the same.


WEll, you have the right ingredients to become a fashion analyst. Come up with an app that shows all the details of which products to choose from, the hottest trends in the season, customer’ discounts and coupons and much more. Collaborate with the leading M-Commerce apps and get yourself promoted!


You might have had come across those comparing websites where you can compare thousands of websites for the same products and then choose the once that offers you best services at the cheapest rates?


Wouldn’t it be a good idea to develop an app for the same? A good advantage where would be that with this type of app, you can start earning really fast as the brands of the companies that you would be comparing would also provide you with the royalty for the same!

WooHoo! I can smell a millionaire in the making!


A mobile app is one of that system, which is a win-win situation for both the owners as well as the customers.


Thus, the fashion brands these days a taking a step forward and working for the same this trying to reach out the niche of the global customers. IT is still not late to develop yourself one such app if you still don’t own one.


Hurry up! Being a turtle in the race is good, but the one with brains would be the more appreciated one and would be the one coming up as the winner at the end.


Today the fashion industry is booming and showing a positive prospect for the futuristic world much of the credit goes to mobile applications.


Millions of users today are utilizing the mobile apps to make their purchases as they are gaining from both hands.


It is in terms of both reasonable prices on one hand, and also in terms of optimal quality on the other. So, if you are a retailer or a designer, it is high time to get your app.

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