Instagram Cloning App Let’s redefine the Social Media!

Instagram Cloning App: Let’s redefine the Social Media!


You may be thinking that all the social media apps are out and we can not make social media app that withstands the current ones. We used to take our mobile phone and gets connected to the Instagram.


We love to scroll the home feed of Instagram updates and follow the people we love. Especially when the stories update gets to pop up from the people we follow. We come to know the daily basis update from the people and celebrities we follow. And of course, the Instagram makes more out of our daily activities.


Well, to build up such a massive app is the unimagined task for us. But now let’s make the social media our own by making more apps like Instagram.


Now every business entrepreneur can dream of having internet-based media sharing platform. A platform that reinvents the definition of photo sharing & social media connections.


As a business person you can, of course, let your users share the pictures, videos, stories with different moods and more with the iOS, Android and web applications. A customized digital media sharing an app with the location detection features is the combination of customers wow factor.


Let’s have a glimpse of what your Instagram cloning app looks like or what features your customized social media app can be having?



Sign Up


Just like the Instagram does, you can make the sign-up process completed with the Facebook login or maybe with the Email ID.



Photo/ Video Sharing


Now photos and video sharing have been not new. And we all love to share with the connections what we have, what we are doing or supposed to do. For that, your Instagram cloning app can help users by providing the largest crowd platform.


For which you can share/post individual or as a business and reach a maximum number of users and friends. The Instagram clone also allows to tag friends, adding the hashtag, post descriptions and more everything that actual Instagram is having.



Smooth User Interface


We all love to see the Instagram feed, liking the homepage posts and making the follow requests to each of the connections.


Everything on Instagram is addictive because of the smooth interface and user-friendly nature of it. So making the social media app is easier and smart with the smooth user interface like Instagram.  



Everything like Instagram. . .


Making the custom app lets you introduce the custom features like editing photos, sharing the multimedia, being live at any moment, sharing the locations and much more fun with the connections.



An Instagram Cloning app can have features like:


  • Adding image filters
  • Video Effects/ rotating the photos
  • Adding new posts
  • Viewing posts/photos
  • Viewing recent activities
  • Posting on different social media platforms
  • Tagging people
  • Adding hashtags / highlighting the posts
  • Follow request send & receive options
  • Going live features
  • Instagram emojis




Why Should You Choose Auxano Global Services for Instagram Cloning App?


Who is gonna deny the social media sharing app like Insta? No one does, right?


Information & Technology has reached global milestones that make the world connected all the times and prepared as fully customized world for the people.


In order to develop an app like Instagram, you are likely to contact one of the leading mobile app development company. For that, we are providing end to end development services for mobile apps and web development.


Auxano Global Services is having a dedicated team of developers that are capable to generate Instagram cloning source code. We provide services for all the phases from start to end.


For an instance, designing the front end, Designing the mobile app pages, development of an app, implementing each of the functionalities and more.


We can help you building Instagram Clone App. Do You want to have? We can make it happen for you. Let’s connect with the most innovative idea!



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