What is Investment App What are the Top 5 Investment Apps In 2018

What is Investment App? What are the Top 5 Investment Apps In 2018?


Currently, the mobile applications are being the craze for everything. Anything that is going to be solved demanding for the mobile app development. Whether it is healthcare sector, fashion, magazines or say taxation and investment kind of. We need everything to be working at warp speed and at prompt responses. Investment is the sensitive sector we deal with.


And it needs to be taken care while inclining it with the latest technologies. The market is having already the best working apps for the investment being done just by click and can manage the things in no more consuming time.


Well, it is good to know first about the investment app and then moving to the top 5 investment app for the year 2018.


What is Investment App?


Investors are those people who know well the economics. And their main intention is to invest money in the right things and places. For their sake of help, it is needed to develop such things which are appropriate for the beneficial concerns at the maximum pace.


Investment mobile apps are growing at the fastest speed to maintain the economics in the hands of people. Here the new investors will get deep into the stock market and experienced investors can find more scope to save money. Also, they can improve the portfolios.


The investor’s main benefit is, they need not wait for dialing a call to the stockbrokers to even make a simple trade and invest activity. Just tapping a screen will and has become a solution for the investors and will take away all the tensions out there in a minimal amount of time.


Let us have an insight into the top five investments out there for the year 2018!


Starting from the beginners we can set one  name and is Sigfig




SigFig is one of the best investment portals and is mainly known for the beginner’s investors. The app works for allocating the money for some specific amount of time duration.


Here accessing the investment advisor is easy and less time-consuming. The beginners not having enough knowledge about the investment criteria need to have the advice from the experienced fellows. So the app will be helpful for such people.


This is also called as the robot advisor and one can invest up to $2,000 and $10,000 and will design a portfolio for free. Just by entering the complete information one can easily manage the investment portfolio and trading.




It happens when we want to do some task on a regular basis but we do not that much time to cope with such stuff regularly. To contribute regularly to the investment and trading things, Acorns is the best and top of all the options.


Especially when you are much aware of this subject. Here linking the debit or credit card to the app will clear up the transactions. And also invest the money whenever it is required automatically.




Stash is another famous and important app for the investment trading and business. The pricing of this app is same as the Acorns. The special feature of this app is offering the low-cost method to build a wide range of portfolio. It also helps to learn best investments decisions itself.


It includes the educational content for the beginners who do not know about the investment preferences and make them aware of the pros and cons. Here choosing the value-driven portfolio will be the main concern and the app helps it.


Setting up the “auto-stash” plan for recurring the investments or adding the funds is easy here. Stash makes the beginner level investors speak the trading and investing language.




Vault investment app is good for the self-employed or individual to invest in some of the good available options. It allows to invest in IRA, Roth IRA or SEP IRA account for the secured future. And is the easiest way to invest the self-employed money investment and they need not go anywhere but at the screen taps they can do most of the important stuff.




As the app name suggests, Stockpile is approaching buying and selling stocks. Buying the fractional shares of any of the companies is fast and smooth. The app development in the investment is growing in such a way that develops innovative apps like Stockpile.


Here also, funding an account of a stock gift card gives the selected shares that are falling into the criteria. Also, no additional monthly fees are being taken by the app. The functions as the minimum requirement and maximum benefits. This is for all ages who want invest in the stock market.


The concluding note:


The mobile app market is growing nowadays in all the field of business. And stock market and investment are not left for the same. The usage of investment apps is increasing and will definitely make a difference to reduce the chaos in trading.


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