Why iOS 10.3 update stood as the reason as the new beginning for iOS app development

Why iOS 10.3 update stood as the reason as the new beginning for iOS app development?


Apple is being the standard for the standardized platform. And always remaining different from the competitions in the information and technology.


After several beta releases for the iOS 10.3, it has finally released the version 10.3 for the iOS users. We know and we’ve used the iOS 11 for now but considering the new beginning of the Apple’s future as 10.3 is notable.


Because the version has come up with so many things that users didn’t know it can be possible with so ease.


Let us catch up some important information on the Apple’s important update that brought to us our ever demanding features and technology we have required so far.


One should hire iOS app developer that is capable enough to understand the difference amongst the different iOS versions at the time and can develop the app as per.


The iOS users never want to keep pause amidst the release minute and the update in their iPhones. They are evermore waiting for the Apple’s new update. And the users will never lose such an astounding operating system with an overabundance of concrete security screws within the iOS.


Have a glance at iOS 10.3!


ios-10.03 mobile app development


Better App Store


The iOS 10.3 allows for the rating of the iPhone apps that you are using. So it will be, of course, a seamless experience for the users having constant use of the iPhones in the near future and now. The heck is that there is no need for switching to the app store for writing a review.


This will definitely add the sense for the users whether to use the app or not. And also will tell more about the application before the installation. And the iOS developers will have a direct contact with the users through the reviews in a form like a forum and can update the app with a view to making a more of a user-centric.


Updated Siri


The Apple has made some of its tools so intelligent that everyone can’t leave adoring the Apple. The All new Siri had come up with an understanding that cricket is our one of the most favorite sports and played across the world.


The iOS developers in India are having in-depth knowledge of swift programming language and can enhance the app development projects nicely.


The Siri can show the cricket matches score and display the score played by our favorite cricket champions. And also is intelligent for the booking in advance according to our timing whether for uber or restaurant table.


User Interface


Any applications or operating system’s user interface is something that attracts the users most. The ioS 10.3 got updated user interface that may or may not be at the notable thing for the users but it has shown a great appearance in the OS. the rounded corner at the edges look is making an amazing impression of a classy look for the users.


Adding the dashes by circles at the time of entering the passcode for the lock screen is also an amazing thing that a user can notice and get appealed with the look.


Weather Forecast


The weather forecast is something that needs to be updated so intelligibly with an intensity to amaze users. Because people will love having information about the forecasting more than anything.


Using the touch ID for the weather icon on the right side of the screen will let the users know about the coming six hours weather conditions. For which the users will come to know about the travel planning and can decide ab0out their day events according to latest weather forecasting.


Finding the AirPods


We all know we are seeking for the air pods the most and the more we’re seeking, the more chances of having losing it. Considering the normal people habits, Apple has introduced the all-new feature with iOS 10.3 called my air pods.


This feature arrives with a view to finding the air pods wherever you have pout after using the last time or somewhere you have forgotten to collect from.


The find my Air pods feature will have a Bluetooth access to the Apple device and it will be playing a high amplified sound to aid you finding it.


The Apple has included the maps intelligence in aiding you with, by showing the last location you’ve used air pod.


Apple ID

Every Apple device user is having an Apple iD profile in which they have to set up their profile. As the 10.3 update has come up with many updates on all the parameters, it has altered some of the variants in Apple ID profile, too.


iPhone app development is the demanding term in the current era as the iOS users are getting increasing by the time.


The settings page has been changed to the starting point. As the user reached with the settings page, there will be a new section of the photo and name. And it is in the fixed boundary with all the information linked to the device.


The Apple ID along with the iTunes and iCloud information will be then linked to the App store settings as a major change in the Apple ID profile.


Browser and iCloud

ios 10.3 new update

As Apple uses everything it’s own and different. The browser is used here is Safari and will be getting changed to the Apple iOS 10. 3 updates. The Safari browser will have an awesome feature-rich update along with the seamless connectivity with the iCloud connected device for answering the wifi calls.


Additionally, the iOS users will have a great approach with the iCloud storage by going to a cloud settings.


Customized app icons


The App icons are something that makes an appealing request to the users. Because it makes a direct effect on the customer’s mind to use your iOS application development. And it allows changing the App icon without updating the Application.


Concluding Note:


The iPhone App Development companies in India are engraving their interest to increase the productivity according to the latest versions of iPhones. And the people are gaining more interest towards the newer versions and iPhone app development because every the update come with solutions out of the expectations.


The iOS 10.3 allows users to get more advanced features in the future versions of iPhone because it has already demonstrated the view in more of its functionalities. The better versions have come up because of the very first development advancement developers have done in the updated applications as per the iOS 10.3.


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