All about IoT and how it affects the future of mobile app development

All about IoT and how it affects the future of mobile app development

IoT devices are meant for the purpose of sending and receiving the data, which serves as their main purpose.Hence, for exchanging the data, IoT devices and technology are more important.


Whereas, what can be a better device than a mobile phone for interpreting the data? Thus, to achieve the best of both worlds, why not we combine these technologies and experience something new out of it?


But the one thing that I have always noticed is that people are still unaware or else the misconception still prevails about what exactly IoT is.


Let us have a brief understanding about it really means to us and how important is it.

The Internet of Things is nothing but a network of objects connected through the Internet that can help you to collect and exchange data. This factor is commonly abbreviated as IoT.

This word, as we can see has two main parts:

Internet: Serves as the backbone of connectivity

Things: objects or the devices


According to few analysts, by the time we cross the boundary of 2018, the international market for the connected Mobile to Mobile devices would be standing somewhere around the US $136 Billion and along with that, it is also expected that around 99% of everything ( consider any device that we have been using now and probably many undiscovered ones too)will surely be connected to the Internet.


And this proves that the Internet of Things will surely play a very very crucial role in the mobile application development in the years to follow. The best thing about combining both these devices is that the mobile application development technology has been the trend since the inception of mobiles in the communication sector.


Whereas on the other hand, IoT devices seem to be a newly generated wave of the invention in this sector.


So, coming up with both of these would help us make our lives easier and hence lead to our betterment. Let us see how can it be useful for the same:


(1) Allowing mobility for organizations at the executing level:


Allowing mobility for organisations at the executing level


As it is quite well understood that as compiling these two technologies together would add on to the comfort of humankind as would reduce manpower to a great extent; all the industries, whether it be E-commerce or telecommunication industry or health care, or security or even several enterprises, this area have either are already using them or have been planning to use the same.


The winner in this sector surely seems to be the manufacturing industry, as a lot of automation has been experienced in this area since a long time.


As these platforms have the capability to make the back end infrastructure stronger, in that case, all the data and entire actions can be made available easily across all the authorized devices.



(2) Decreasing the Manpower and Efforts:


Decreasing the Manpower and Efforts


Mobile technology always comes up with something more interesting and exciting for this own betterment.


For instance, there have been wearable devices, GPS, beacon technology, and also the voice navigation- all these things have made the mobile technology quite user-centric and far more advanced than before.


Well, all this has to lead to various interesting innovations such as the light bulb can be easily operated with one’s smartphone. Similarly, one can also operate any devices( television, AC etc) with the remote access right on our mobile phones.


And this is the same with IoT, as it leads to complete integration with one’s smartphones.Thus, various factors as such help in making gestures and also helps to control much more adequate tasks like managing the industrial machinery tasks.


(3) Providing more space for the hybrid app development:




Along with a good security facility, the customer aims for newer and unique ways for staying more connected with their homes or cars or even with the tiniest applications such as the electric circuit that is the electric supply of the house.


And this is where the mobile application enters the scenario. They have been playing a vital role in keeping the world more connected and helping them keep engaged.


Thus, today, the mobile application developers have been building various applications which include advanced codes provided by hybrid platforms such as Ionic, AngularJS and the Phone Gap, and also captivating UI.


The UI/UX designs are being planned and created considering the requirement of the latest and trending devices such as the wearables or the smartwatches.


(4) Keep an eye on your house by just one device virtually:



Planning and aiming to build a smart city has crossed the borders and achieved newer heights. The thing as such which used to be a virtual fantasy has turned up to a reality.


Users now can perform tons of applications using the gestures, or the voice controls and the human presence detection. Users now can perform al the applications on the household appliances by just using the gestures, voice controls or the human presence detection.


Also, one of the highly advancing and rapidly moving technology is the beacon technology, this is also contributing to making this fantasy into a reality. However, without mobile application, the effective tasks of cost management and easy access can surely not be achieved.


(5) Manufacturers of mobile phones are leveraging the advancements of the technology sector


Manyfacturers of mobile phones are levaraging the advancements of the technological sector



The biggies in the mobile device manufacturing, that is the big companies in the mobile market including Apple, Sam-sung, Ericsson’s and Google, etc invest a large amount of their budget on the mobile ecosystem research and development.


According to a survey, almost half of the amount of what they gain is added to the research sector. Right from the wearable technology to the consumer electronics, all of these are planning to have these upcoming technologies and advancements.


Also, the new devices or to say the upcoming devices that include the connected television sets and the gaming consoles.


Also, the new variations of mobile apps include such variations that will be made available on car dashboards and fixtures of households so that things as small as air conditioning can be controlled easily sitting right at your place by just using your device.


As the mobile connectivity is moving towards the bigger dimensions, mobile application development is becoming the main central focus for every expanding technology and business.


And that is the reason IoT holds a brighter future in this android and iOS development sector wheeler everything would remain connected and also it will help for a faster communication across the Internet.

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