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Key Factors that “You Must Know” for any Mobile App !

You have invested thousands of bucks in app development. And now you are waiting for the moment when you can keep it. Is that your mobile app developer aiding in? Or consulted any of the digital marketing companies?


Well, waiting for the moment that brings bucks not making sense. In fact, you must be knowing the complete factors of an app or the metrics that effect in many ways to your mobile app. If you and your mobile app development company are not going through such metrics. it’s next to impossible to have the good ROI.


Without further ado, we’d like to present the “You Must Know” factors here. And how can you make more out of it, too? As a leading mobile app development company, we are facing every kind of complex project situation with the clients. And want to share the imperatives to the readers.


Let’s have a glimpse of it. We have analyzed metrics that are Impactfully matters for your Mobile App!


User Engagement – App Downloads & Active Users


User Engagement – the most important part of any business. And now that mobile apps. You need to be focused on the factors that approach the users. Without caring for the users associated with your app, will not make them engaged. It’s good to know, How your app users are installing the app. Meaning for what reasons? What factors make them addicted? And what are not?


User engagement is measured in many ways. Such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel and more. To monitor the user’s engagement with the mobile apps, you need to keep yourself engaged with the metrics that show a complete scenario of a mobile app.


A number of downloads represent the user’s interest in mobile apps. Fewer downloads represent the lack of engagement in your app. The users not finding the best experience will not download or not make people have such apps. You need to make sure about the features of the app. If the features are not worth to have users interest, it would be a bad impact on the downloads.


A number of downloads are depending on the factors satisfying the users in your app, the factors that affect their confidentiality and of course if you have not done a proper app store optimization. That needs to be conducted with one of the branding professionals or meet a company that enhances it completely.


The active users metric is nothing but the clear conception of your app idea. A number of downloads are massive but what if users are not taking much interest? And hardly open twice a month or a week. App analytics tool can picture a complete plus and minus of active users. As it has a session to measure the consistency of users being active on a particular app for the specific time.


App Retention



Retention is the major part. If you are heading with a business by a mobile application, You must be knowing how much the users love to come back at your app? I mean, even after 2 or 3 months of your app release, retention rate should be conducting a minimum of 20 percent.


And those numbers are from a well-researched source. Why? 20 percent? Because it is also researched that, 42 percent is the normal retention rate for the average mobile apps. And if yours is not making more than 20 or between 20 to 25 after completion of 3 months, It is hard to believe as an extraordinary app.


It is an average. And of course, not the one. Which users are looking for. So it is better to have the analytics and marketing tools on hand. To continuously gauge the market approach towards our mobile app. Also, it would be helpful for the post-marketing strategies as well as a second version of the mobile app.


Satisfying the users – App Store Reviews & Rating



Users satisfaction – the most important factor. Whether it’s a grocery shop or a mobile app. Gaining the users satisfaction means making the app capable to have it. The users are keen to have the reviews right to the play store. Or say on formal reviews site.


According to the user’s review, one can plan out the second version. Yes, because you have to present what users want. Else they are more likely to leave the app. However, it’s important to have app performance on prior basis. Because users don’t have an idea of other factors but the features.


In-App Feedback



The users are also required to have in-app feedback. That completely proves the significance of your mobile app. A mobile app is likely to have the in-app feedbacks with a purpose to gain the users attention.


Users can have their free feedback to the admins. And let them know about the difficulties faced by them. By doing so, we can improvise on app bugs, security and all the aspects that matter to target audience the most.



App Addiction – Attribution & App Store Ranking



Here you need to keep on eye on two major factors: One is app store optimization and another stands for marketing campaigns. A good marketing is what leads the users to download your app. You can analyze trying one or two effective campaigns running. And then come to the results which one’s working for you? Due to marketing channels or direct influencing to users will make them click on the download link or hit a search button on play stores.


Consider App Store optimization to work sound. As per the app stores algorithm, there are several factors that make the app appear on the first search results. Well, the major is Keywords.


Proper inclusion of keywords on users search will enhance the chances of being appeared. Also, it should be relevant to the purpose. Here you can consider app icon to be a similar one. Everything that approaches search optimization will amplify the app usage and identity in the market.


However, it is important to have the research analysis on the target audience and which audience to target, too. Because according to that, you can plan out the proper strategies for app optimization.


Concluding Note:



Choose mobile app development company that makes you understand all the adjacent factors affecting the benefits. And make you educate on how you should be going through? Mobile App Development is not simple to take.


It should be conducted as handling business and polishing the flaws with a smooth touch of technologies and metrics. Doing so will make the app perfect, updated and completely the meaty content that users want to be served.

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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