What language should you prefer for iOS app development Swift or Objective C

What language should you prefer for iOS app development? Swift or Objective C?


2014 proved to be the year of changes in the iOS app development as Apple launched a new language-Swift.This generated a wave of astonishment amongst the iOS app developers as this came up to be an addition to the traditional procedure and thus the curiosity followed.


Cutting it short to the present scenario, wherein Swift has proved its strong existence in the market and to keep up with the trends it keeps on releasing improvised versions of the language over a span of three years.


It certainly proves to be an easier language for the existing developers, but proves to be a challenge for the new-comers in the app development Industry.Thus, the question that has been bothering a large number of young developers is that what language should they go for?


Swift or Objective-C?The ideal match!

To get a simple answer to this question would be-BOTH. Yes, you read it right-learn both the languages simultaneously.To have a detailed answer for the same, we would have to go for an elaborate journey of referring over the merits and demerits of each and comparing both of them to strive into a conclusion.Thus, grab a chair, have your favorite snack next to you and relax for this journey is going to be really really long.

How can you develop an app with the help of Swift?


Comparatively, Swift turns out to be a relatively simpler language for mobile application development. The reason behind this is that this language has been developed keeping in mind the requirements of an app developer of the current era.


Whereas Objective-C is such a type of language that was developed nearly 3 decades ago.Obviously, it was written in a manner wherein various aspects of it could be used for computers, that is our way of interaction with any PC.Of course, these considerations are important but can be a challenging task for a beginner.


Thus, you can understand the basics of programming in a comparatively simpler way for they are much easier to understand.


User-friendly Environment


Apple had also come up with two, interactive coding environments wherein the beginners can learn how to code. A part of the Mac app called Xcode Playgrounds is a user-friendly environment that allows you to explore the language, discover its various prototypes, and thus build up an interactive environment for the others.


Another such application that provides a friendly atmosphere is the iPad App known by the name of Swift Playgrounds, which builds up a similar environment to Xcode Playgrounds, but its version is such that it makes the iPad’s hardware usable for the process.


Thus, Apple tends to make the app development procedure easier and a fun-loving one, thus, chances of it being preferred by the beginners is higher.When Apple launched Swift in the market, it specifically highlighted three qualities of the app-safety,  modern and powerful.Let us go through them as well.




For a toddler in this industry, safety is a more important concern rather than strength and modern nature.


While studying programming, the toughest thing is not able to find the errors and rectify them.Solving these errors can help you be a pro with this field for figuring out the errors yourself and working for it on your own would enhance your level of understanding of the language.


But, if the developer in making turns out to be a little impatient, and this might lead up killing his interest in the development.Keeping this point in mind, Swift not only notify you about your errors but also help you solve them in a fraction of seconds.Thus, it helps you relieve your stress and makes your coding experience much more simple.




Well, any language would seem easier to you once you know it.But, this is not the reason why the companies hire app developers. You need to put your efforts to get into the depth of the application and then refer all its aspects to make it a flexible option for you.


Swift has been developed keeping in mind the current scenario of the app development industry and thus can be considered a mobile app development.Thus, it has been developed in such a way which lets you focus on the concepts more than wasting a large amount of time learning the syntax.


Thus, Swift certainly proves out to be a relatively simpler language for the app developers for it not only reduces all the barriers but also increases your work efficiency by helping you focus on certain aspects rather than spending endless hours finding a missing semicolon.


How can you develop an app with the help of Objective-C?

Objective-C can be considered as an ancient language now, for it was developed thirty years before, thus, it still manages to be on the list. Also, one can not deny the fact that for a whole decade, iOS app development was only possible because of this language.


This clearly shows up that everything that is a part of iOS SDK has been developed using  Objective-C.Thus, even if you chose writing the codes of your apps using Swift, you surely are going to be dealing with the components that were written with the help of Objective-C.


Also, another advantage that you get with C is that the third party frameworks have been written majorly for Objective-C since it is a relatively older platform.


Also, a large number of the learning resources, from books to conference videos, blogs and a number of things as such have been developed with the help of Objective-C.


Thus, if you are not able to resolve a code and look forward to its solution, then, surely you are going to come up with the codes written using Objective-C.But, this just does not mean that there are no resources available for Swift language too.Though it may be scarce, it surely does exist on the internet.


Let’s be honest though. If you intend towards becoming a core developer, then it becomes utmost important for you to know this language. The company that hires you as an iOS application developer would want you to at least know this language so that you can understand the older written applications and derives necessary information from it.


And then, there comes this unfortunate part.If you plan to make use of any tool, then you only will be finding it for Objective-C and not for Swift.And this is the reason Objective-C is considered ad the most sought-after language and stands out as the preferable one amongst most of the companies.


If this is the case, then what is the necessity to learn both?


Why would Apple waste countless hours developing a language if it did not have any intentions of using it?Apple wants Swift to be the future, and thus it has been laying efforts in promoting the language to make this possible.


Thus, if not today, then in the coming years, this is going to be the one on which everyone would rely on.The time cannot be predicted, but this journey will surely be accomplished by Swift, someday.


Afterall, Objective-C has built up a large area over the past decade and thus it certainly is not going to be an easy task to simply just get rid of it in a couple of months.


Also, Apple is still making efforts to improvise the language and certain aspects of it, such as how is it co-working with Swift, so that the language can be used in such a way that you get the best of both.


Surely, you can come up with an entire app with the help of Swift, but you sure are going to seek refuge in Objective-C once in a while.


For the beginners: Understand this! The hard part is not the language that you ten to use if it’s the case with iOS development, but, it is the process that is followed later on.


either of the programming languages is fine and then you can get used to the other one in soon.For both these languages are relatable to each other, despite certain basic differences-they would not seem as two different poles to you.


What should be my take on the two?


Well. I surely would recommend learning Swift first, if you are a beginner.Get acquainted with the basics of the programming concept without language being a barrier to your task.


And, once you are done with the basics of the language, now shift your focus towards Objective-C. This would help you have a deeper understanding of the concept and the programming language. This would help you have a better understanding of the iOS app development on the whole and help you become a better developer.

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