Laravel Or Magento Which One Suits to Your Next Web Development project

Laravel Or Magento? Which One Suits to Your Next Web Development project?


Online Shopping, eCommerce websites, book an order and more related terms that we know, we experience and we delve into for more than a decade. – world’s fastest growing shopping website meeting the highest requirement for the buyers and getting super awesome value from the customers. Why?


Because it delivers? No, It’s online? It does everything that a normal shopping customer wants and beyond the customer service experience, it has improved and maintained so far.


Well, behind every website there are a lot of developers working on it. And make every effort to meet the exclusive online shopping portal. We have heard the term Magento eCommerce development Services and is famous for making any custom changes we want, anywhere and anytime.


Magento – A framework that enables you to create an amazing eCommerce website but there is a but that may stop you!


And that is the complexities the developers are facing while implementing the changes you want to the website or being very confused while making the website simpler and faster for you. What else can be stood up for the betterment of eCommerce development at the warp speed? Is that Laravel? Yeah!


Have You heard it? Let us see the difference between the two and coming to a decision for your next eCommerce development project.


Landing up to the Laravel or off to Magento?


Introducing the Magento, we’d not forget to mention as the largest open source framework made specifically for the eCommerce website development. Making all the things easy that a user/buyer needs so far. Because the more you customize, the more you get from the business.


Technically What Magneto Does for you as a merchant/ owner of the website?

Magento is great to choose for as it offers a completely open source platform to build up the website. But there are certainly focus points to note for as compared to Laravel framework that is not compatible to develop an eCommerce website as good as Laravel does.


There are certainly some of the notable points in Magento Framework that are not intending to make a completely new eCommerce classic website:


  • -Certainly, the extensions provided by the Magento Framework are comparatively of very low quality
  • For the same kind of extensions, you need to have Magento Enterprise edition which is already a costly one and not able to afford such costing with a medium level projects.
  • Not having the exclusive themes and developers to select the themes as per the requirements but it happens that Magento themes are not playing well with the required custom changes sometimes. And the poor performance of such themes makes the entire online shopping customer experience a spoiled one.
  • Creating custom pages in admin panel is too hard for the Magento framework development
  • Magento does offer a huge level of community and extensions but what about rewriting the classes? It makes the developer’s mind confused in very large projects where they need to rewrite the classes which in turn takes a long time-consuming process.
  • Here the complex process of Magento development makes the eCommerce website development process slow and time-consuming and even not including the very latest concepts for the web development needed to attract the huge customer base from the world.
  • User experience is the main thing that needs to be knot with the very first phase of the development process and here you can get it but not that much worth giving to the users.
  • Nowadays already there are a lot more websites and eCommerce sites offering the same thing but what about creating heck? Magento will not be able to do so because it is limited to somewhere between the community and enterprise editions and hiring more developers will cost a bit high.


And Why You Should Opt for Laravel Web Application Framework?

A Laravel is a framework offering a gateway to make applications in a blink of eyes and not limiting to that, making everything just automated. The developers are getting quite comfortable with the open source platforms (specifically PHP framework).


And the Laravel is the youngest among all the PHP frameworks. It has gained popularity in a short period of time. Like, The most favored by the developers and the clients as well. Why?


  • Laravel is too an open source platform but with extraneous benefits that secure, speeds up and move your website to the next level.
  • Laravel completely built upon the MVC framework and offers a simplicity to maintain the projects.
  • Create dynamic contents with awesome layouts with the lightweight templates
  • Building URLs automatically with a great reverse routing tables
  • Updating new entries in the database with an ease and makes web development easy like never before.
  • Its built-in unit testing makes framework more emerging
  • Developers will not need to write SQL code because its eloquent ORM(object-relational mapping ) offers to issue database queries directly with the PHP syntax
  • Thanks to Taylor Otwell for making  Laravel running at a warp speed


Concluding Note:

Laravel is great for a young generation and offering the great solutions with a warp speed in whatever manner you want to build up the custom programming in the eCommerce web applications. And one should not miss the flawless framework like Laravel Application Development Company India.


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