Let’s have a Cloning Impact for finding mechanics. Let’s Call UBER M!

Let’s have a Cloning Impact for finding mechanics. Let’s Call UBER M!

Just like other UBER Services, mobile app development company have started everything that needs to be provided on a prompt basis. As the title makes hint here, calling a mechanic makes more sense with the most convenient services like Uber.


There is mobile app development company searching for the better scopes and development cycles are developing the cloning scripts for the Uber-like services. And now it has started with the mechanics’ people.


Calling them at the right time with the right resources is a bit tough task. And you need to be advanced alert for the same. Because mechanics are not called for the before time but spontaneous at any of the time.


Considering the development an app for calling out the services on an instant basis makes an Uber M call. We, at Auxano Global Services, want to integrate Uber Clone script with the said services on-demand app. We provide complete end to end solution for the Uber cloning or ap cloning services to our clients.


Features for developing an Uber Cloning App for the Mechanics:


As described below the features are what you get as the Uber Clone but you can make it done with your custom features, too. So there is no need to worry about that what if I want all the custom features to be included? Figuring out the solutions for developing the intelligent mobile apps using the uber Clone concept.



  • Real-time Locating of Mechanics



Here a customer can see the real-time searching of mechanic in their nearby area. Upon which the decision can be to take whether to call them for a particular problem to be resolved.



  • Canceling the request/change request


A customer may want to cancel the repairing and want to make the things done on another day. For that purpose, it is possible to cancel the request for calling mechanic. The app itself allows the in-app requests for the same.



  • Modifying the needs



The UBER clone app allows changing the locations where the mechanic has to arrive at the said location. For that, modifying the location is possible or may want change the mode of work. Everything is possible with the Uber cloning app.



  • Talking before arriving



Yes, with the most advanced concept of Uber, you can surely speak with the mechanics around you before they arrive at your doorstep. So you can simply gauge the worker’s ability or style of communication.



  • Show me the work feature



The app displays the worker’s work profile along with the work he has done a feature. The app is showcasing the different works done by the mechanic on its own. So that a customer can come to know about the experience of mechanic and capacities of work he can do.



  • Rating the mechanics



Yes, if someone has made a good note for your stuff. You want to make them ranked first in their job role. So that they can earn good and people are getting educated about the good services given by the mechanic.



  • A complete profile / verified profile with Social media



One should not forget this feature to be implemented. Because as Uber Clone concept, your login is required as the registered user or Driver. The app allows to register yourself using the social media profiles. So that true identity can be the obvious reason to select the workers or service providers.


We, at Auxano Global Services demanding for the business persons who want to develop an UBER clone app for their workers.


Or you may want to create a group of workers/ mechanics delivering such services and with the help of the app, you can centralize the system with a single control. Everyone will be earning the money along with the facilities of people.

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