Major Challenges of iOS App Development in the Year 2018!

Major Challenges of iOS App Development in the Year 2018!


We have seen the journey of mobile applications from the tiniest mobile in the early 90’s and the smartphones till the date. Apple was and is the king of the mobile phones market.


As we know, in the recent years, Apple has gained a lot more popular than the past times. And thus the app development for the iOS is at the next level and increased notable changes in the iOS apps.


Well, no matter how you make the iOS mobile applications but there are always the barriers and that we call the biggest challenges ever. And for the year 2018, we have some notable challenges that need to be overcome for more enhanced iOS applications projects.


Let’s consider some of the biggest challenges over here:


Application Compatibility

Since the advent of the Apple’s decision to stop making support of 32 bits applications. It is undoubtedly acceptable that developers need to update their development scopes from developing for the 32 bits support to the 64 bits supported applications.


And for those developers not having the updated app launched, need to face this one of the biggest challenges. Apple is not releasing the frequent updates and the apps like other competitors OS out there. Here the developers need to update their app and this will be considered as the major challenges for the iOS developers.


Older apps stop working once Apple turns off support for 32-bit applications, with the release of new version of iOS. This is a common practice at the App Store.


Unlike Android, iOS releases frequent updates and the apps may slow down your Apple devices or will stop working if they aren’t updated regularly. This is a major challenge for the app developers because every time they need to update the app to the newest iOS version. So making the most compatible app ever can be the crucial point to note.


Facing the barriers for Storage and Memory allocations


Storage and memory are the two major points that a developer will ask about first. Because being a developer, you need to make a single version of any particular app but need to fix the app on the different devices out there all over the world.


And those different devices will be having different memory and storage specifications. And then the device memory restriction comes in the scene as the biggest challenge to face. A developer may want to create the whoa by developing such a fantastic app but he is getting stopped by storge specification problems.  


Internet Speed


We know that the internet connections matters the most in almost applications. But when you are developing an app that needs an internet connection and is about of very high quality then your app is likely to accept at the lower rate. Because everyone is not living in the metropolitan cities and want to acquire your app features but can not just because of the poor internet connection.


Because nowadays developers are making use of the live streaming videos and other interconnecting many other videos in the app. And these all require the best internet connection.


So for the iOS developers making the balanced app that does not only depend on the better internet connections and still making the good ranks is such a challenging task.


UX/UI design


We all know that the user experience is the most favorable among the app market. The developers are always finding the path to make the app user-friendly and user-centric.


And so the UX design should be approaching the users only. And considering the current ongoing changes in the fashion trends, it is tough to walk with such a demanding world.


iOS apps should be made with the latest fashion trends and should be having some stuff that makes users educated about something new. And not making an impression like the already running things.


Is App Store Ready to accept your App?


App store is holding already over 2 million iOS apps now. And is such a huge competition to compete for the iOS app development Company. We know that Apple is considering their user’s security at the peak.


And will not any haphazard app to come on the ground to run. It will check many times from many concerns and then will proceed for the ap to be live on the App Store.


So the App stores approval has become one of the toughest tasks for the developers. Because making an app may be easy but making it live is just an amazing task.


So it is good to invest the time in reading the app store guidelines first. Without making the direct development of the iOS projects. There are a lot more considerations that need to be rectified before going to the app launching programme.


The concluding note:


iOS applications development need to be considered a major thing in the current times. Because Android apps are already out in a very wide range of extent.


And the iOS is having the ARkit and supporting the augmented reality apps at a great pace. And we know that AR apps are going to be the future of the technology. So it is important to have the iOS app’s challenges get resolved as soon as possible with the smart app development solutions.


Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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