Major Design Pitfalls to Avoid In Mobile Application Development industry

Major Design Pitfalls to Avoid In Mobile Application Development industry

We are clearly known to the fact that a good mobile application design is the major resource to generate a massive number of customer base and the revenue as well.


The mobile applications are generally compared in the hands of the users when getting a tap on tap usability of your application. Users are those resources who can make you up on the market in a moment and it takes no time to make it a downfall.


A design is something that a normal user can understand and a thing that comes first in the user’s mind. Whatsoever is your logic behind the app, a user can not get the concept if the design does not follow the simple user interface with the smart design for the mobile application development.


As a prominent mobile application development company, We’d like to consider here the standard mobile app design principles and avoiding the pitfalls that enhances the trending mobile app development industry scope in generating the credit and revenue as well.


Improper Introduction

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The first impression lets you know the biography of a user. Likewise, the very first impression of your application should be matching up with an expected design result a user want to see and want to feel wow for the introductory graphical user interface.


A user is not the technical person you are dealing so far with the development people and he/she will be the non-technical one. So it is needed to keep the user interface simple and attractive.


And yes, do not forget the first date you are making with your partner. Same as with the mobile application development. Every user will have the same kind of experience while operating an application.


Keep impressing your user with the app features at the very first session of introduction. Yes, it will work better than making attractive features later on.


Prefer Simple Recipe than a hotchpotch!


Many developers think that providing multiple features may inspire users to use the application again and again. But most of the time, what happens is just urging for the specific application for the specific purpose.


A mobile app designer should be heading for the design elegance and straight away to the guiding user for accomplishing their motto of using an app.


Because a user would not like to go for the things that do not matter to them. And that too for the application. For a user an app is just a tool, to resolve their tasks less than the required time.


If you become their time consumer, they won’t be preferring your application again. So make it to the point.


Like Developer Like User

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To get any situation, just the way it is, you need to think yourself as a personal right there experiencing the situation. Likewise, being a developer must ensure the user thinking when operating an application you are just making right now.


As a user, he/she will not recognize the concepts that technically matters. They will directly be approaching the design layouts as suitable to their requirements only and not the technical reasons.


There is much research that says the designer some instructions to follow for the users’ mindset. For an instance, the inclusion of hamburger menu inside the application is in use.


But it is researched that, most of the users are not likely to check inside that menu. And so the features you have put so far are no longer in use.


Smooth navigation

proper navigation

For the applications intending to the Todolist features will append to the bottom lists for making contextual floating whenever it’s needed. Here keeping required inserts to the application navigation bar becomes easier.


It is also good practice to keep the common inserts or exit from the app in all the bars like navigation, tab, and hamburger menus. And a designer should make an appealing layout to insist user to tap on each feature inside the application.


We can see that has provided the features in such a way that user would feel touching on each of the notification that appears on the homepage. A user should feel an urge to go and have a feel of making a tap over the notification.


Fit to screen And App ions matters the Most!


Users find it’s unprofessional to have the application that does not fit their mobile screens. On a serious note, they think the developers are not the same surface for making this app.


Because if an app does not have the proper resolution, what else it can do? And the users being non-technical persons to ensure the icon design to be relevant. Because it is what the reflection of app features you are having in the application.


An app developer should consider the users as quick judgmental because they won’t give you the second chance again to prove yourself as an epitome of developers’ community.


Proper Content


Content plays the vital role both in the websites and applications. Applications having the undesirable content will not be preferred by the users. They need exact design and so the content relevance.


Putting extra advertisements and the things that not at all required will irritate users the most. The content should be, of course, legible and clear enough to gauge the intention.


A user can read the content without even zooming the screen will get you an favoring vote from the user base.


User manuals irritate the most!


The application designers may think that putting up the user guidelines or the manuals will help the user is absolutely wrong thinking. Because a user is not free to read your guidelines that are too lengthy and complex.


They would like to cope with the simplest design that itself explains the flow and not the written lengthy content that is too complex and irritating to read even.


A developer or an app designer should look knowledgeable person than the normal user in its app design and not in the user manuals.


Concluding note:


The design features are the most important part of any application whether it is iOS app development or an android application. Because the users will directly be approaching the front end and not the developing phase.


Any that is relating to the developers can be settled up later on, but once the design is o0ut and launched, it is all up to the application users.

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