The Merge Cube The Perfect Tool for the AR Gameplay

The Merge Cube: The Perfect Tool for the AR Gameplay


Are you into playing a lot of AR and VR games but the devices for the same are way out of your budget?


Do you like playing a lot of AR and VR games but cannot manage to buy yourself a device for the same? Eventually, you end up skipping the best games meant for your entertainment.


Well, as a solution to all your problems here comes the cutest gaming device with a great mechanism for playing which offers to its customers- a great deal of the budget it takes with its sleek design and higher performance.


After bagging a great number of awards in CES 2018 it has finally made is a presence in the market and is ready to set the stock market upside down with its launch.


This launch of the Merge Cube has been considered as a huge lead in the mobile app development as well because it takes a lot of features to another level of success and above all meet up the expectations of the gamer. So, what are we waiting for them! let’s have a look and its features.


Compatibility of the merge cube

Let me make this very clear that the Merge  VR headset has, in fact, no connection with the Merge cube. The tube that ensures complete Independence and hence the best part of getting this cube is that it can work with any AR or VR headset that you have and also with can effectively work with the smartphones too.


However, a good deal of saving a lot of money would be purchasing a VR kit from the same company this would turn out to be a lot cheaper and hence one can call it a complete affordable package for the AR and VR gaming headsets.


Where this may sound as a relief to the mobile app development companies because the games come preloaded in the devices which show their compatibility towards both the platforms that you wanted to be played with that is Android as well as iOS.


Talking about the headset it can deliver an effective playing of both AR as well as VR.However, while playing AR games, you have to adjust and keep up with the headset and thus make certain changes in it.


This would make sure that your camera lens gets a clear and a magnificent view of the word the real world outside.Thus, giving you the Clear View of the images that you want them to be in.


How does it work?


Have you ever thought about the dimensions of the Merge cube? Basically, it is a device as small as the one that can fit into your palm and has a softer surface and also built with a durable and a material that is light in weight.


You will find hieroglyphics like codes running throughout the device that would turn out into holographic images the moment you would enter the QR codes through the AR app installed on your device


Thus, the main function of this cube is to preserve a lot of AR contents which can later be viewed.Hence, you can interact with them through the app installed on your smartphones or your respective headsets.


To look at your favorite contents you have guided automatically to the page of the app you are using on the app store and hence you can in reality download games that you are interested to play based on the contents that are displayed on the page.


Thus, the cube shows you the game that you would find with its web page display to you so that you can directly download it from the app store.How interesting is that!


Thus, the AR contents that are being displayed by the cube are referred to as the Miniverse.This basically has to deal with the various apps that are rounding to approx 15 in number.


On one hand there a majority of them which actually free games that you can play with and hence does not cost to anything or cost you of very few dollars which is actually affordable and a Perfect Combination for the one who’s looking for the value for money games. regarding the AR gaming tubes, thus most of the games available on this Cuba actually free to be played.


However, when we talk about the contents present it to you it might have a limited capacity and there’s contents are actually grounded by  certain kind of limitedness.(that is only 15 available games!)


How would you use the cube?

Well, all you have to do is just to hold the cube in a parallel position to the line of your eyes and that you will start seeing is air contents operating right in front of your eyes.


Also comes up with the tutorial or a user guide to your display  that gets you aware about every nook and corner of the cube so that you can use it with the greatest efficiency and utilizing all its features


AR gameplay- a big step to the mobile app development and an equal entertainment for the users

With this cube, you can actually use the world that you are surrounded by from time to time and thus it can help you convert the desired object or the object that you see into the one being shown in your screen.


Almost equivalent to the reality being converted into virtual reality with the help of this cube. For example, consider yourself using the brush to brush your teeth.Performing on the same action you can actually brush of the huge object crushing over you.


Another example of this would be by just working you could end up running into a spaceship playing.How adorable is that!


Thus, to have one hell of a gaming experience getting yourself a matching cube is a must. For a gamer, it is not difficult to know that AR gameplay is a kind of activity that mixes the activities of the outside world and the actions that they performed in the real world to the actions in the game across a digital interface.


Thus, with the help of this gaming cube you, in reality, can have a great experience and can deliver you the results that you would have had never expected to offer to you. no wonder it has seen a huge rise in the profits with increasing sales in a very short span of time.



The Magic Cube turn out to be a perfect AR gaming companion. But, would it be able to win the battle of the best gaming device across all other device built for the perfect VR gaming experience?


Unfortunately, the answer to this would be negative. It might look as the perfect gaming device yet it also comes with its own set of limitations- the foremost being the grounding of the content unavailable just a limited number of games that is 15  to be precise.


Also, the uses have claimed to face certain problems such as having difficulties in steadily moving your vehicle while the gameplay.


However, it rigidly stands out to be the cheapest AR and VR gaming devices despite all the shortcomings across the globe today.So, it’s services are surely worth the money that it is demanding of.


Hence, to have a great gaming experience without breaking a hole in your pocket get yourself a Merge Cube today itself!

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