The all new HP’s Z 3D Camera-Sprout’s scanning power on your computer

The all new HP’s Z 3D Camera-Sprout’s Scanning Power on Your Computer

Although the sprout all in one what considered as one skeptical piece during its initial time of its launch, Also, the Second Edition of it known as Sprout Pro G2 was no different from it.


Both the are computers responsible to make the process of 3D scanning easier As they came up with the Exclusive down facing camera just above the display and also a Touch Mat which almost can be used as a second display.


However,  to match up with their power, both the Sprout PCs are a bit expensive and slightly overpriced, with the tag of $3,750 and higher. At CES this year, HP has introduced the all-new Z 3D Camera, which has been priced at $599. This camera basically comes up enabled with the 3D technology.


That is it takes up the 3D Camera Technology from the original devices and compiles it as an accessory of the PC rather than making it a full, all-in-one device.


The all-new Z 3D camera looks similar to the topmost portion of the original Sprout PCs. Although it is known as the Z, the shape of the camera bears more resemblance to the alphabet L.


Thus it has been shaped in such a way that it would easily stick to the top of your PC, that it the monitor of your PC and thus can help get you a digitized version of images of the objects right in front of your PC.


Since this is a mere accessory, HP has measured down the technology down in such a sense that the 3D Camera in no sense gets merged with the Touch Mat that the Sprout PCs get attached with.


Also, it does not include the light protector from its original version.Though you may not believe it it is still the same technology inclusive of a 14.6 MP 2-dimensional camera and a 3 Dimensional depth-sensing camera packed up with an Infrared diffractive optical element projector.


From the short videos that have been released in the market, we can not find major differences between the Z 3D Camera and the Sprout PC. This means that both the cameras give us almost similar images when in use.


When an object or a document is scanned with the help of the same, then making use of the software which prompts the 3D camera to scan the images, capture them and then digitized accordingly to whatever comes beneath it.


It is fully supportable of 3D SLAM tracking in real time and thus can be used of the VR applications.The camera also effectively manages the albedo, the normal mapping and also the effective displacement that are ready to be rendered.


The Z 3D camera utilizes the HP Worktools such as the Sprout PC, that is the company’s suite of the programs that would help you edit out the images. Thus, you can capture, control and also edit out the 2 Dimensional and the 3 Dimensional images.


Apart from the pre-installed VR applications, the 3 Dimensional images that have been captured by the Z 3D Camera will be inserted into the Powerpoint presentations and also the other updated programs of Windows programs that are supportive of the 3D images.


However, the biggest difference lies in the not keeping the TOuch MAt when the Z 3D Camera is being used with the help of the regular Sprout PC, whereas the Touch Mat can be considered as a second touch screen, which would allow you to choose from a wide variety of options, take control over the digitized images surrounding the workplace, and even more.


This would, in turn, provide more amount of digital space, that is easily convenient but not completely necessary even while scanning the 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional images.


The light processor that has been included in the SProut PCs helps to improve the quickness and the qualities of capturing and thus elaborating the 3-dimensional images.


However, the Z 3D Camera would not be able to take that much longer to scan ut to an object in your demo, and the palm rejection (which would let it take the image of the object you have been holding however not in your hands) have to be solid. A highly lit workspace beyond doubt is the best place to be used as the Z 3D Camera ora Sprout, no matter whether the light comes from the projector.


A PC that $3000 just as the Sprout Pro G2 turns out to be a huge investment, especially when the customer is only buying it for the capabilities of the camera.


Hp surely has developed an innovative decision because of the technology into an accessory with the help of the Z 3Dcamers- because of this the users now have an access to the 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional unique scanning features without even having thousands of dollars into the new PC. But, still, you surely would be requiring a powerful PC in order the Z 3D camera to use it more effectively.


HP would be recommending the use of a camera with the PC that comes up with the following specifications.


Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M or even better graphics ( However, you will be needing a Nvidia GPU to come up with 3D rendering)

Intel Core i7-4709S or higher

The HP Z 3D camera is fully compatible with HP Z and the E monitors. With its full compatibility with Windows 10, the Z should be working on various other brands of the monitors too.


However, HP has made a note that the company has not yet carried out the series of the devices on various other monitors.


The selling of the all-new Z 3D camera would be available in the market from March from $599 onwards.

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