Hitchhiking Clone App

Now do Hitchhike with Digital thumb! Hitchhiking Clone App is out!

We often do Hitchhike on the roads. The raining days or on a hot day we find ourselves to be linking with the vehicle rides or lifts. Till the date, whenever we are finding ourselves without personal vehicles or at the roads without public transportation, we get hitched with the vehicles coming on the roads.



Well, considering the UBER Cloning for the same takes some another wave of thoughts. Hitchhiking is something that puts money along with a fun. People will love to enjoy the ride when they get life from completely unknown persons.



And that too, with the unknown roads and from the unknown pick up points. We used to get showing thumb to the car drivers as a sign to get into them. As a mobile app development, we consider each and every life moments to knot with the technology.



And so we get a business for you. Creating a Hitchhiking Mobile app will add fun to the technology along with the money points. Isn’t interesting?? If not, it would after you own it!


Here is the flow on how we can go for making an on-demand hitchhiking mobile app?



A Quick Approach


As compared to the older approach of finding a mate for a journey, it is better to have the centralized app that keeps engaging relation to the driver. The driver here is actually not, but a usual person driving on the roads. You can have them just by clicking up the nearby riders.



One App, One Device


There is no more complexity hiding behind the hitchhiking app approach. But it is a simple app that introduces the driver and passenger. A driver will not be anymore driver and so the passenger. Going on the road, urging a ride with the car and taping the screen will make you be seated on the go! As simple as that.



Driver – Rider


Obviously, when you meet up with the same road riders via a mobile application. You would be in a mood to talk with them on random topics. Which eventually may get converted as your friends or besties. So no formal things will come up. But a journey with joy!



Hitchhiking On demand App Workflow will be consisting of:


Offering Journey Details


Well, when you are finally set up with an UBER based ride-sharing app, you need to fill up your details. The details about your destination over the app. And then proceed with finding the mates coming over your roads. So if you are releasing an app, your customers will have to fill the details about the end point of a journey.



Finding a Mate


The app is intelligent to fetch yours’ and riders location and matching up you both. Once your request is confirmed from your side, it will be going through the application to search for the people accepting the requests.



Booking a drive


Once, the request gets approved, the ride gets confirmed and have the lift confirmed for the ongoing journey.



Concluding Note:


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Hence, You’re done with the Booking!

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