Now Share Your Favourite Food With the World – On-demand Food Sharing web & Mobile App!

Sharing is caring! As the saying says, we all love food. Especially when one of our friends finds it to share with us. And we just become the hungry to have it faster.



Every one of us may not be the foodie. But of course, we all love food the most. Because unlike anything else we just can’t live without it. And we love the taste most. Considering the current scene, there are a lot more restaurants with thousands of recipes out there.



In every different country, you would find the food special. And why shouldn’t we? Humans will do the same until they exist. Technology is the food of brain. And now the brain is helping the humans with different resources. For an instance, making the food sharing app.



Yes, now share the Food you make. Till the date, we are introduced with the food we get in the restaurants and street food. But what about making delicious food at home and getting it as a treat?



Yes, now it is possible. Possible to a great extent. As the title makes sense here, share the food you make in your kitchen or maybe at the common celebration hall. The technology has mixed up the taste and get a new app.



Introduces Online food Sharing app.

In the busy life of the people, they don’t get time to have a get-together. Or maybe not attending the receptions for weddings. They want that delicious food dishes. Now let’s convert their restaurant visits into the homemade jaw-dropping food dishes.


The online food sharing app will allow the same. With one centralized admin,  cook and the hungry eaters.



The food sharing clone app consists of the Admin panel along with the cook. In which, a cook needs to update the app with the detailed information on the food he makes. Or he is going to make food dishes in the nearby future.


What needs to be done by Cook is, Updating the mobile app with the recent recipes going to be made by him. The detailed information updated by the cook includes:


  • Name of the recipe with pictures
  • ingredients/ how he makes (a custom feature)
  • Where he is going to serve the people
  • Timing & Schedule about the treat
  • Payment details


These are the core details that need to be entered in the on-demand food sharing application. The hungry eaters (customers) will be looking for the different recipes provided and the mentioned destinations.


The people will be booking their dish/ table for the same. And the admin will continue to have the commissions on such food services by the various cooks.  


Here the main reason behind the concept and technology is, to provide the homemade foods to all of the people. And not allowing them to have unhygienic foods of the street.


What does the Food Sharing On-demand mobile application will do?


The on-demand food sharing mobile app will do certain operations such as:

  • To make the customers informed about the food sharing scheduled on a particular day
  • To allow the customers to the Booking
  • Cook will know the number of the people are going to take part in food sharing meet
  • According to that, the Food will be prepared
  • The customers can make the payment on site or on app (online)
  • The Food options along with the locations will be shown


Isn’t amazing to have your favorite food at our convenient time? So have the tastiest food with the Food Sharing app or you may want to run a business with that.


We, at Auxano Global Services, are developing the on-demand mobile applications at our customer’s pace and having an amazing customer base with the different demands of on-demand mobile applications. If you are one of the interested business people in the niche, do contact us.


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