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Owning a Travel App! Lookout for the best features right here:


With the technology advancing at such a fast rate, new applications are borne into the market almost every day with tons of new handpicked features. This being the holiday season, travel apps seem to be in demand.


Well, in that case, Congratulations! You have landed on the right spot. Here, we present a checklist for all the mobile app developers, so that they can enhance out their apps with these features in case they are missing any of them!


-Unique user ID:

This is the most basic feature any app can ever have, but here we have a task for you. You got to make something unique out of these feature of your app as adding a pinch of uniqueness to your app would make it a topnotch one and attract a number of users. But how can this be achieved?


Customisation is the ultimate word!

Not only giving your user a unique id which is accessible from any device that he logs in, you can also provide him with a customised emoji or an animated character for himself.


He can even generate one for himself provided with the basic designs and a rough prototype. Thus, not only this makes it a unique way to entertain your users, every time he logs into your app, this unique picturisation of his would pop up the screen hence adding some colors of joy to your app.


All in one stop:

How good can this be, if your user isn’t supposed to be logged in for around 4-5 apps to plan out his journey and you be the ultimate planner, (or should I say Creator) of his trip1 Sounds Perfect! And can bring you in a lot of revenue too!


Well if you are a business mastermind, you surely would have got a hint of what am I going to include next in our checklist!


Make your app a one-stop shop for everything! So these are certain things that your app must have to provide your users the experience of his lifetime!

Owning a Travel App!


(1) Bus/trains/Flights booking

(2) Hotel booking

(3) Cab booking

(4) Car rentals/ Bike rentals

(5) E-wallet

(6) Tour guides(Tall, dark, handsome ones: jokes apart a locality can be the best)


Well this is not it if you provide the users with all these services at one place, not only is it beneficial to the user but is a mobile app development company, this could be a revenue buster for you.


As you get a chance to collaborate with all these companies/firms you can yourself earn a lot more by sharing profits with these firms.


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Also, providing the customers with occasional gift vouchers and gift coupons can help you keep up the buzz.


Thus, this is for all the android app developers and all the iPhone app developers, we are gradually making you Virtual Agents\Guides (Yippie, celebrate your journey by traveling with your own app)


-Too lazy or too choosy: We already choose it out for you!

Thus, not only providing them with these individual details, you can also come up with pre-planned packages or combo offers as I may call them, which eventually prove to be time-savers for them and also money savers too( Probably yes!)


-Show them what they wanna see!

Be the perfect search engine for your user. Come up with all the details about his dream place to visit, the geography, weather, places to visit, local sites, local people, local food, and everything that you can include in your database, show it up right here.


This again would make you a game changer as you are one of the rarest apps generating the social map for your user. And DO NOT FORGET to cover them up with beautiful pictures to add on to the creativity and highlight the beauty of the place.


This is an assurance for you as the user cannot come up with complains later as you presented him with a gold-plated dessert but ended up sending him rotten fruits. This embarks your honesty and ingenuity to gain user’s trust and interest ( Hey; a good rhyming! )


Be a search analyst!

Keeping an eye on what your user searches would help you have a basic idea of his interests and thus you can recommend him with similar places or packages at an affordable price-rate too!


This surely becomes a cherry on the cake for him as you never know, he might start loving your place ad swap his vacation ideas with yours!


Navigation along with Geolocation!!!!!

Owning a Travel App! Lookout for the best features right here


High-five! You are on fire!

This is the best app feature to make your user completely independent and also you are enhancing his smart work skills.


Adding this feature is a must as this would prevent your user from switching on between various navigating apps and also protect him from all those prying local prying eyes. Didn’t get my point yet! Haven’t you been robbed or cheated before’ EVER?


Yes, providing them with proper navigation can protect them from those localities aiming to loot them with oh so high money for oh-not-so-long-journey!


Even better if you can also provide them both with online and offline apps! So that the network connectivity does not become a hindrance for him and with your app in his phone, he seems all safe and connected!


And what about the Geolocation! Boy; you’ve got it all! This provides your user the basic details about the nearby cafes, restaurants, shopping areas, theatres etc! Woah! This makes your app a must have one!


So are we done with all the features? No no no……



From across the borders:



Hellow people from across the borders, this is for all those people who dream it big and have bigger vacation plans, including a currency converter in your apps and providing him the rough estimate or details about his currency would surely make the user want your app at any cost! ( Oh wow, trying to make your app a paid one, well with these services, sure; start counting your notes developer)


Social media Platform:

This is what any random person is addicted to these days, the social networking sites. Why don’t you provide one such platform in your own app for the users, where the users can share out all the details about their journey and also interactions regarding the same! It’s a small world, isn’t it!


This way, you might end up giving them some of their best internet buddies or should I call them top travel mobile app development company


So this is it, start including these features in your app if you don’t have them and see the magic! Keep the Wanderlust alive!!


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