PHP Vs Python! Why Python wins over PHP web development

PHP Vs Python! Why Python wins over PHP web development?

Undoubtedly, the previous year has been the year of interactive web application development.However,  2018 has just begun and surely has a lot more to offer to us.


The web app developers these days are getting more involved with the third party libraries instead of following the Li invention of the wheel each time thus saving a lot of time as well as fulfilling the client’s requirements on the given time.


With the all-round development of the cross-platform libraries, as well as the RESTful API’s, the web app development has surely become easier.But, they still have not been able to satisfy the developers with their age-old questions that keep hitting them every now and then.And the question is?


Python vs PHP?


This question has been hitting for a very long time and surely deserves some respect for the people putting in some extra effort and planning to start up a bright effort with the web application development.


The reason behind this is that both PHP as well as Python have both become highly popular as web application development because of heir project budgeting and other important considerations for development.Thus, these two languages are highly followed and widely popular for web application development.


But, if you are a beginner here, remember that you might face a lot of challenges when compared to the pro developers for their requirements are completely different than yours and their level of expertise needs to be matched up as well.


But, the thing with the developers is that they do not easily change their preferred language and go for the one that they have been using for a long time.


But, this is not the problem at all.The issue here is that this has led to the biased nature of the experienced developers.For instance, if you are taking reviews from a Python developer, he would update you with all the best features of the language.In the same way, a PHP developer would be favoring his own language.


Thus, this blog is meant for those people who want to understand the features of both of these languages and understand the pros and cons of each and then decide what would suit them more.


Thus, while going through this blog, you would be able to understand what platform to choose for your development and what suits you the most: Python web development or PHP web development.


Following are the three main areas to look out for Python vs PHP app development:

In case of popularity, both these languages have an equal stand.The project managers consider these languages even when they do not have any projects.


At this moment, PHP developers have a dominant position as of today as well as more than 80% of the market is ruled by the PHP Web app development.


PHP has been powering up various popular websites such as Yahoo, Wikipedia, Flickr as well as Tumblr.In the beginning, even Facebook was backed up by PHP.


Since then, Since then, Facebook has completely made the transition to a PHP framework which takes control of all the features that the developers for Facebook need for developing various platforms and applications.


Whereas, Python web development gained popularity after Google chose it for empowering some of its well-known projects.The trend was set up since then and now a large number of companies such as Spotify, Reddit, Pinterest and even Instagram and YouTube have been using it.


It’s a TIE!


Thus, when talking about the popularity, both Python as well as PHP are similar and look alike.


Learning Curve


The learning curve stands out as a major concern when we talk of this rift between PHP as well as Python.The learning curve is basically a measurement to understand a particular language.


In case of a web programming language, however, the learning curve signifies how fluent have you become with the web design and using the tools to translate the web design into their respective functional codes.


But, in this case, we have a clear winner: Python


For the beginners, Python turns out to be a simpler language and easily understandable and can be read simply than PHP. In fact, PHP is not at all meant for the new users since it had very less room for the beginners and they might find the rules and rectification of errors extremely tough.


Whereas Python is more of an interactive platform wherein the formatting can be done easily and the code also would not break because of the smaller mistakes.This motivates the beginner to work on further with relatively easier simplifications.


However, the  PHP community is putting on a lot of effort to getting the things done easily and user-friendly as the experts these days are trying harder to develop all possible ways such as tutorials, courses as well as a lot of such terms to get the language easy as well as simple to understand when compared to Python.


CMS and Frameworks


A framework is basically a simple community that contributes and maintains a code compilation that in turn allows the developers to quickly develop the web applications instead of building them every time from the first step.


To add up special functionalities to the app, a basic framework is necessary that gets you to options and equal functionalities as well. The Developers, however, can easily come up with the functions as per your requirement to enhance the capabilities of your web app and cater its development.


Python has in hands to offer a highly successful and a versatile Python framework however the options come up to be limited.Not only this, a wide number of platforms these days have the same functionalities as a PHP framework has.


Two of the most common frameworks that Python developers use to develop the web applications are Flask and Django.Also, the number of Python frameworks are increasing gradually with the increasing the languages of the major products.


Whereas, when we talk about PHP, it comes up with a large variety of frameworks. The developers make use of these frameworks to create applications that are purposeful as well as holds an importance in the industries.


Symphony and Laravel are such PHP frameworks that have been entertaining millions of PHP users.These matured frameworks are constantly being nurtured by an extremely enthusiastic community.


For CMS:

CMS is one such software platform that comes up with a flexible solution for all of its projects. Whether is it a simple blog, or an E-Commerce Store or even a  portal for corporate stuff, CMS has in hands a comprehensive solution that would ensure that the developers, as well as the end users, can lay focus into the businesses instead of building up the platforms from scratch.


WordPress, that is the most preferred CMS developed so far, has been developed using PHP.Various other open source E-Commerce platforms, such as Magento and WooCommerce are also being built using PHP.


Also, Django powered CMS that are being backed up by Python still has a long way to go as they have a limited following.



Without a doubt, Python is coming up as a clear winner in when today’s scenario is considered as well as understood.But, certainly, one cannot deny the fact that both the languages have been developed to gain your attention and work out in the best possible way by equally satisfying all your needs.


Thus, we strongly recommend understanding both the languages and use them on a trial and error basis and then choose out the most desirable one for you.


Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.


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