Secrets of mobile app marketing revealed herein along with its core business importance

Secrets of mobile app marketing revealed here in along with its core business importance

Mobile applications have proved to streamline the existing business process of the organisation thereby strengthening the financial system of it.

Mobile app development companies strive hard to come up with exquisite and feature-rich competitive apps. Endeavors of experienced mobile app developers is the back part of any successful mobile application.

The story doesn’t immediately ends after the completion of hard-core app development process. App Promotion is what that comes into play. 80% of the success of any app is totally dependent on the strategy implemented to promote the app in the market.

Google Playstore and Apple App store is puffed up with millions of apps from various industry verticals. The total expense incurred in app marketing has become quite high compared to development.

The real fact is that, only few apps possess unique capabilities to attract large audience base. On the other end, many apps vanishes from the crowd while some are uninstalled immediately after download due to the lack of poor user-experience. With tons of app being already rolled out in the market, individuals and corporate

Marketing is all about popularizing your product, so as to ascend its utilization. It’s all about arousing the interest and crave among the masses, even before the initial launch of the product.

App marketing puts your app in the limelight of digital audience

Google Playstore and Apple’s app store are the primary search hub for desired apps. Research from Gartner, reveals 50% of the smartphone users download apps only after exhaustive search.

The ads promoting the quality feature of the app is the primary factor, luring users to download the app. The format of the ad is what triggers the download rate of the app. Now the question is how to get your app noticed through app marketing?

App marketing aims to increase the visibility of your app in the market. Here we elaborate the ways through which the visibility of the app is increased.

App store optimization

The main motive behind app store optimization or ASO is to increase the visibility of your app in playstore or app store. The advantage and importance of it can’t be neglected which leads marketers to incorporate relevant keywords to scale up the position of the app.

Social Media advertising

Social media websites like facebook, twitter etc are the best platform to increase the visibility of your app. By creating a facebook page of your app increases the credibility and helps to accumulate the feedback from users.

The social media page should be well-designed, informative and should include headlines/taglines to initiate call-to-action. Joining facebook groups and broadcasting about the app and its functionality helps in promoting the app to next-level.

Engaging conversation

Welcome those who show interest in your app and initiate conversation with them. Comprehend their basic requirement to convince them how the app can turn fruitful for their business.

The conversation can take place through chat or voice call. The conversation should be highly informative to the end-users and should not constitute any random statements. Conversation with users in a major networking events aids in healthy app promotion which in turn leads to the increase in the number of download.

Hence, making your presence in such dense network booms the target audience base.

Press Release

Press release or PR is the most efficient medium to spread the awareness of the app to global audience. This is the foremost thing to be undertaken. In order to simplify the task, you need to bunch all the relevant benefits according to its value.

The benefits of press release includes inexpensive in terms of economic budget, large domain of target audience and surpasses geographical boundaries.


Not matter how much beautiful the product is, it is important to reveal it to the eyes of the customer. With the evolution of app stores and increasing number of app development has made app marketing an indispensable move.

App marketing not only promotes your app in the market but also increases brand awareness, increases revenue and generate surplus amount of internet traffic. From this content, now you would have made yourself well-familiar with the importance of app marketing and should hire experienced app marketing company to flourish your app.

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