Send Me Money, It’s Urgent! I’m gonna Whatsapp You Now!

Send Me Money, It’s Urgent! I’m gonna Whatsapp You Now!

“Just Whatsapp me, Will let you know the feedback.” “Okay, I will Whatsapp You the Picture” “Please, Whatsapp me your complete information” …it goes on. There are many conversations in our day to day life that includes Whatsapp.


World’s first mobile app development that makes people crazy, working and including it in each & every task of the life. In short, it’s not just the chat application but more than that.


As it has become now Whatsapp Business App, too. But adding the heck is, We don’t need to integrate our banking details with any prominent third parties. Because now we can Whatsapp it. Yes, just making it enabled with a single message. As simple as that.


Yes, Whatsapp has released the functionality to send & receive payments without making any complications. And that’s the Good News of the era we have. Because we used to find the limitations in sending and receiving the payments.


As newcomers, need to find out the trustable applications and match up the criteria with the third party mobile application. Also, the existing users need to insert the payee and receivers data and coming to the final transfer of the money. All these stuff takes more time and sometimes the result goes for a toss.


Coming to the one resolution, Whatsapp Money Transfer makes people happy with the results. Why? Because all of the people are habituated with it and it’s easy to cope with the Whatsapp application.


Consider a scenario, where making a chat was the form of Facebook Messenger just. Later on, the Whatsapp arrived and made it simple like never before. Why? Because it was the containing the phonebook contacts, operating the simple & lightweight application. No login, no sign up everytime. Just a DP(Displayed Picture) and there you go to start chatting.


At the peak point of the Whatsapp usage, it has released the Whatsapp Business App. And now the payment options. Recently, it has started playing out in India. Let’s consider it viable and consider listing out the features.


And yes, not to forget the update the Application to avail such facility offered by Whatsapp. And the whole payment process works on the Unified Payments Interface. Here’s how?


Reaching the Payment Option:


Open the top right menu of the application and tapping the settings option, you will find payment option. In that, linking up your bank detail with the same registered mobile number you have with the Whatsapp. This will make your account enable to send and receive money via WhatsApp.


Linking the Bank Detail


The process is as simple as Whatsapp. You just need to tap the add bank account option. Followed by verifying the mobile number linked with the bank and WhatsApp.


Which will eventually, verify via SMS and will show the bank accounts option with the UPI linked banks. If you have more than one account linked to a single bank, you can select the one accordingly. And here you need to add last four digits of the account number followed by credit/ debit card details.


What’s UPI? How to set it?


UPI is the Unified Payment Interface that allows a one-time password to the bank account holders. And here followed by the verification process, your bank will send the OTP and add it in the process of creating a new UPI will allow you to generate a four digit UPI number.


Due to this, your UPI generation process will be completed and you are likely to get the confirmation message about the same. This will show the complete payment details in your WhatsApp account detail page.


Here You Go! Whatsapp Money!


As we are sending the documents, picture and more with the Whatsapp paperclip icon in the chat box. We are now able to send the money from that. In that paperclip icon, you will have the option to send the money which will redirect you to payment options.


And you can successfully send the money in just seconds with Whatsapp. Also, you can write the detail of the money you have sent. Currently, the Whatsapp payment update is available with the backend auto update and need not update it by yourself.


Maybe you are not likely to have the option for now but will soon be going to launched openly. Currently, its limited to some extent as you can have the money transfer options within India only and not the overseas money transfer.  Also, the final rollout is not announced by Whatsapp so it is possible some of the users might not have seen or not likely to see the said update.

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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