Spotify’s voice controlling feature turning out to be a breakthrough run round Siri

Spotify’s voice controlling feature turning out to be a breakthrough run round Siri

Spotify these days is testing a search feature that has voice included in it! This would help users get an easy access to all of their favorite artists, along with the right tracks, albums as well as playlists that they have been looking for.


This feature, that is believed to be based on an experiment that involves a “driving mode”, which has already been put to action inside the iOS app for quite a few numbers of users now.Luckily for us, our team of experts got the feature tested and have the results out for you right there


This proves out to be a great step to be taken forward within the app itself to make use of the navigation that would not be needing too much of tapping and just a bit of a typing to whichever direction you wanna head too.


Spotify has indeed confirmed the test to be true but does not want to make an official announcement about it as of now. They believe that they have been working really hard towards the improvements of the append giving their users an experience they promised about, however, we do not have much information on share about it now has Spotify spokespersons have their lips sealed over the issue.


How to access the all-new voice feature?

To have an access to the all-new voice feature, you need to tap on the magnifying glass icon present right there at the bottom row of the tabs. You will then see a microphone icon present inside a white bubble along the lower right-hand corner on the same screen.


While tapping on it, you would get a brief walkthrough of the search feature, which as of now is only available in English.However, after giving an access to your microphone you can directly command for an action and speak your choice and Spotify would play the song if understands your song, artist, playlist or an album that you want it to play for you.


According to the people those who have tried this feature, they’ve had accurate results most of the time; just the same way Siri does that for your homepage.


Despite this fact, the voice control appears to be limited to finding the right music from the vast catalog of Spotify. However, it had some errors as well. For instance, if you call upon Radiohead, it would start playing the first playlist that shows up on the screen without informing you anything about the band or even asking you for your preference.


Also, if you create a playlist of your favorite songs, and it would give you weird responses if it does not understand what you speak.


But, they are still bearable and Spotify’s efforts should be applauded no matter what.For Apple completely ruined Spotify’s experiences on iOS, by not allowing the company to have an integration with Siri or even allowing it with native works to be one right from the HomePad smart speaker.


And thus, with no other option, Spotify came up with an inbuilt voice control option.However, it still is in an experimental stage and the earlier version is working far better to keep it as our core and the most favorite music app of all times.

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