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Swift Vs Objective and Top 5 Advantages of using Swift Development


Taking in charge of a number of markets across the globe, from USA, UK, Canada as well as Australia, the iOS app development industry has been considered as the best-platform so far to promote your business applications.


Because when we talk about the revenues of the apes as well it’s high acceptance rate, iOS has, without a doubt surpassed Android and taken the further lead.


To set this game of ruling over the top-rated platform, it would be advantageous if you rightfully choose out the most appropriate technology for developing an iOS app. And that is the reason why Objective C vs Swift has been the trending (indecisive)topic of discussion for a couple of years now.


Let us understand why is Swift being regarded as the right counterpart to look out for.


Swift is a universal and powerful programming language that has been developed by Apple as a modern and a better version of Objective-C.From the year 2014 where it was released, it surely has come up a long way since then.


It has left its controversial issues far behind and being regarded as the most sought-after tech language as well as gaining high popularity for iPhone application development as well.


Thus, Swift now is being considered as the language of the iOS Community, for it can code up apps from Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV to iOS.Going by its name, Swift now is seeing a rapid expansion right after Apple declaring its language an open sourcing one.


Thus, keeping in mind all these conditions, one can surely see that both the languages keeping a steady pace in the market and not ready to face any kind of downfall as of now.


But, one can also not forget that Apple is promoting Swift as a language for the next-gen developers And, this is the reason, the current blog is being formulated keeping in mind the benefits of using Swift for Mobile app development.


The Apps built by Swift are Fast and Highly Performant


Apple has been positioning Swift as a lightweight language as well as a faster one. As per the reports based on the analysis carried out by Apple, Swift is nearly 2.6 times faster when compared to Objective-C, and this number continues to increase with every new language releasing.


For a customer dealing out with a large number of problems, minor changes also turn out to be equally important to define the success of your product.


Thus, if you are supposed to work out with the heavy computations as well as has lesser complex logic, the speed and performance surely are becoming more important.And that is the reason why Swift is being considered as the technology for rapid development and highly efficient consumer-facing apps.


Providing High-End Productivity generating bundles of Happiness:

Swift Code is almost similar to the Natura English that we have been using for the daily conversations.Its clarity helps create a positive impact on the productivity of the delivery.


As Apple is a part of the Apple developer tools ecosystem, swift provides us with the complete packaging of tooling that is not easily available and understandable.


Apart from having the old XCode, Swift also provides their developers a great opportunity to look out for the code in action instantly, by making use of the Swift Playgrounds.


All of this makes Swift a faster and more efficient medium and hence proved out to be a good time as well as a money saver.


Designed keeping the Safety Rules in Mind!

With the help of Swift, the developers can now manage the error handling to gently ignore mistakes on a smaller as well as larger scale, which used to be the scene with Objective-C.


On one hand, the Objective-C would have some flaws that might have had gone unnoticed, they later turn up leading to the unpredicted behavior of a system.


Also, you might find out a wide decrease in the feedback loop for the mistakes in the Swift code can be seen easily because of the errors of the compiler and can be resolved within no time.


Solving these outcomings lead out to a fewer number of crashes as well as lesser bugs during the production hours, also it reduces the time and thus saves the amount of money spent out throughout the testing phase of development.


Healthy Open-Source Ecosystem

As it is an open source project, the development of Swift turns out to be really fast. As of Jan 2018, Swift stands out as the best-rated project on GitHub, with more than 450 active contributors.


Apart from this. It also shows out its open-source status, which simply means a large number of libraries, tools as well as frameworks come along with this and increase up to the development speed, saving in a lot of time and money.


High Maintenance and easily manageable


The lesser code simply means a reduction in the total cost of maintenance. Coming up as one compact language, Swift surely needs lesser code to carry out the similar tasks as Objective-C.


For instance, Lyft recently came up with the re-engineered version of its app using Swift. Not only this, the company also reduced nearly 70% of the coding, from 75,000 to consistent 22,000 lines of coding, still keeping up the high-end functionality, and not disturbing its performance at all.



Thus, there are certain advantages of considering Swift as the development language. Think about it again and start working with Swift, for the future stays in the hands of Swift.

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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