Time for the most awaited face-off! Shopify Vs Magneto

Time for the most awaited face-off! Shopify Vs Magneto


Wanna go for some shopping? Just log in through your phones and start exploring!


This is the power of E-Commerce.E-Commerce is one such reality, is such a revenue channel undoubtedly cannot be ignored however large or small the business may be.


Talking about your heights of adding creativity, you wigs can fly as high as possible. Also, considering the revenue and the monetary terms, these websites turn out as the gold mines with millions of users purchasing billions of products thus earning a huge ransom of money.


But, before you start considering making one such website for you, there is one specific detail that requires a detailed analysis, which can also be decided only after your business strategy is ready.


Well, that query is to decide the most appropriate E-Commerce platform.


Well, according to the popular terminology, to choose the best E-Commerce platform isn’t only about considering just the appearance of your virtual store, but it also demands a whole array of technologies which eventually add on to the beauty of your website, i.e. increases the strength, and scalability of your app, thus making it a profitable one.


This also adds up to user satisfaction and also the monetary dynamics. Well as we know, there are plenty of such Time for the most awaited face-off! 


Time for the most awaited face-off! Shopify Vs Magneto


But before that, let us understand their meaning in simplified terms.

Magneto, is an open source E-Commerce platform that provides is online merchants with an easy-to-use shopping cart system as well as help you to manage and control the appearance, functionality, and content of your online store.Thus, Magneto provides an extremely powerful search engine optimisation (SEO), thus assures you with a powerful marketing and catalog management tools.

Shopify, on the other hand, is a complete package.Thus, it is an E-commerce solution that allows you to manage and sell your goods. Thus, it lets you organize your products, also helps you in customising your storefront, and various other things such as accepting card payments, tracking of orders and responding them- all this with a handful clicks of the mouse.

Talking about the basic fundamental differences before getting into particulars;


-Magneto community is a free, easy to use open source software which helps you with experimenting as much as you like, whereas, on the other hand, Shopify can be considered a proprietary product that you have to subscribe according to the user requirements.


-Thus Magneto is only a way to create an E-Commerce platform, and you would have to configure your own hosting solution to configure them. Whereas, Shopify, on the other hand, is a hosting solution in itself.


While these two options may lead you to the calculations cost as well as the convenience dynamics, but wait, don’t fix on to any opinion as the discussion has just begun and there is a lot more spice to be added to complete the picture.


So now, the face-off begins where we compare and observe and have test both of these platforms against various criteria.

Standard Features:

While both these platforms are equally efficient at handling all the basic features that you aim to have in your dream virtual store, let us discuss certain basic marked aspects and hence decide the most appropriate platform for you.



Both these platforms assure you with unlimited inventory management, the major difference is that Magneto does that for free whereas to use Shopify, a certain premium amount is to be paid.


But there is also another side, while you have to considerably keep on investing in hosting solutions, rest assured when you have to subscribe to Shopify because no such complications arise in this case.



Both these platforms have a wide range of themes for the mobile app development company, both providing paid as well as free themes.Magneto here has a wide range of options, that is, has a huge quantity to choose from, Shopify, on the other hand, gives you a refined collection.


Talking about the paid sections, paid themes in Shopify start from $80 whereas Magneto paid themes can cost as less as $10.



Both these platforms offer you a moderate level of customization by simply playing with the HTML and CSS codes.But, if you wish to take it to the extreme level, Magneto community holds an upper hand as it lets you play with even the smallest of components to be customized.But yes, you must have an expert team of Magneto developers to handle the technicalities of the platform.



Magneto seems to be a clear winner in this criteria as it offers a platform to create a multilingual store. Whereas, Shopify, on the other hand, has no such capabilities in its system.




Thus, the clear winner after analyzing both these platforms with respect to all these criteria surely is the Magento Community.



Complexity with the Usage:

While both these platforms are comparatively created with simpler interfaces, which is bit easy and simple to use; Shopify still stands up as a clear winner here due to its Wizard Mode which makes it extremely simple to manage and set up the stores even for its new users.


Also, the Shopify users can sit back and relax in this sector, which is the built-in hosting capabilities.


Magneto doesn’t have the built-in capabilities and requires further efforts for their setup and management, whereas Shopify provides its users with these features too and hence, undoubtedly, it emerges out as the winner.


Winner– As discussed earlier, Shopify stands up as a winner here.



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As discussed before, Magneto is a free product whereas Shopify is a paid service.


The paid service is also categorized into the following three categories depending on the price you choose to pay for the functionalities you choose.


This ranges from $29 a month to $299 a month, pick out the purpose that is most suitable for you and pay accordingly.


Though Magneto is a free to use service, it has indirect costs attached to it. If you are using Magneti, you surely don’t need to pay the software charges or any sort of monthly charges.


Instead, you have to pay for the periodic hosting charges as well as bear the onetime cost of hiring the certified Magneto developers.


When you start calculating the costs, you will realize that it turns out to be a feasible solution for the small business persons with short-term objectives.


But, if you want to make your business running persistent through its longtime journey, turn your eyes towards Magneto and go for it.



Choosing the winner here is surely tricky, but considering its longtime service, Magneto stands out to be the winner here.


Considering all the facts that we have put forward, this fact gets essentially clear that both these platforms are built with an agenda of serving an entirely different range of audience and thus has a completely different target audience.


For instance, if someone wants to get benefit from the holiday shopping rush and get the traffic on its own website, then surely the only thing that should strike their mind should be Shopify.


Because this is the platform that would help them build a website quickly and gets all the traffic that they can possibly get.


Magneto. On the other hand, is for those entrepreneurs that are planning to build a scalable, high-quality store directing towards its long-term business growth and appreciating the essence of time taking business ventures.

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