The Tiniest Phone present in the Market Presenting the Zanco Tiny T1

The Tiniest Phone present in the Market: Presenting the Zanco Tiny T1

These days all that a smartphone company competes for is developing a smartphone with a great battery life, edgy look, and a great UI.


Agreed, that all this cut-throat competition has led the mobile app development to another level but isn’t the main agenda behind developing a phone being forgotten?


At the end of the day, what would a person owning such an expensive device in his hand want to do with it? Make a call right?


Exactly! We need a basic phone for quickly calling a person instead of owning a multi-featured highly expensive bigger sized device. Well, this is the time to bring the world’s tiniest phone into the market, having a huge fan base as the “ cute one” with its size and dimensions. Regarded as the World’s Tiniest Smartphone, it is none other than the Zanco Tiny T1.


Unique in its own way-Small in size but a power-pact performance!


Though it looks like a toy, in reality, it is a device high in its functionality fulfilling the basic requirement of sending and receiving text messages and voice calls.



It provides a fully numerical keyboard for its users and has a small ( SMALL, indeed) OLED display with a resolution of just 64×32. Thus, out of all such phones in the market, the  Zanco tiny T1 is considered the best and surely stand out from the competition amongst such phones with similar features.



It works on s 2G network and is almost equivalent to 10 grams in weight, it costs a whopping $47 (still worth it!) WIthout a doubt, it can serve as the best backup phone in order to keep your huge smartphone safe and protective.


From the tight specifications and designs to admire for- the TIny T1 has it all!

How adorable is it to own a phone that just the size of a medium-sized key, slightly more than a coin and slightly less than a pen drive.


Also, it can keep your expensive large piece safe from being carried to places and thus preserving it from getting displayed instead. Also, this is just the right weight (13 grams to be precise) that you want to be carried while working out and going to long distances where the ultimate purpose to carry a phone is just for calling.


Also, its dimensions are the one to be definitely looked upon: 21×46.7 mm that’s it!


The Technicalities:


It comes up with the following set of features:


-12.5mm OLED screen


-32 RAM + 32 ROM


-Nano sim compatibility


-Battery life up to 180 mins of talk time and 3 days of standby


-micro USB charger


-Present up to 50 numbers of call history on the device


-Store up to 300 contact numbers within its memory.


-Can save up to 50 text messages


-Presents to you 13 exclusively unique voice-changers


-Ridiculously cute thing to be owned weighing just 13 grams


Thus, the device is fully compatible with the Nano-SIMs, operating on the 2G network. Also coming up with the [phone are a tiny microphone, and fully operational speaker and a fully functional keyboard. Surprisingly, it is equipped with a 32MB RAM too.


The Attractive Price Tag!

The cute piece to be kept in your pocket is priced at $47, which are surely not getting in vain for such an adorable piece of art.


You can get this phone from Kickstarter as the online marketing and purchasing of the device has already begun. This surely might look slightly expensive but isn’t it worth the price that you pay for?


What is the purpose to get yourself one?


This weirdly insane and accordingly curt device is the one that can make you feel creepy at first and make you want to laugh at its acquaintance. Well, of course, it is not a must-have device but being a techie, wouldn’t you want to explore the tiniest speaking device on this earth?


An introvert might not prefer to buy it bt a tech wannabe and a techno enthusiast surely would cross the borders to own one cush piece or himself.


Well, if this was not enough, consider the following reasons to own this cutie pie:


-The ideal one when you want to travel light


-Crazily built with its smalt design and coveted spirit.


-What can be a better gift than this when you want to get a tech person who owns everything but not this of course


-Comes up as the perfect backup for your large smartphone


-the ideal one to be carried during jogging hours, while working out, running, cycling or even while playing light.


-A good way to protect your phone from the theft-prone areas where there is an easy chance to valuables being snatched away from your phones without you noticing the same.


Ultimate Devices:

One should at least buy this device keeping in mind the innovation level of the mobile app development company that has developed such a phone. After All, getting things right at such a miniature level is not that easy and surely must have had demanded endless hours of hard work and those tirelessly working sleepless nights.


This is the product obtained after so much of efforts laid in by the scientist. And the end results have turned out to be fantastic making it adoringly cute and visually appealing.  I have ordered mine already, have yours. If not, then check it out soon.



Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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