Top Ten WordPress Plugins You Should Not Miss Anymore!

Top 10 WordPress Plugins You Should Not Miss Anymore in 2018


WordPress is such a vast content management system in which we want to delve our niche for the betterment of the career and more advanced web development projects. Because it has all the things needed for the best development of websites and that too, with the latest design and development principles.


WordPress is the only solution for building the web in less amount of time and also allowing the developers to make the custom changes. The businesspersons and even the developers sometimes not aware completely of the wide range of plugins that WordPress web development provides and the flexibility of framework says it all for developing a fully phased and robust with all the security concerns.


Here for the betterment of world-class website applications projects and development, some of the most important and trending WordPress plugins are presented and it will surely make the difference to have better move on the development side.


Here are the WordPress Plugins with the elaboration that You Should Not Miss!


Constant Contact


This plugin is referring the marketing element of the websites. And that is why it is best known as the best email marketing service providers. It does the email lists for the purpose of sending emails to the subscribers in a bulk. So there will not need to build a special functionality for that.


And still, you can send the emails for the seamless marketing by the website itself. It is a complete lead generation software kind of thing comes with a signup form and working as a marketing assistant for your business.


Yoast SEO


Thousands of bucks are being invested in improving the search engine optimization of the websites. And that is done smartly with the WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO. and is not just limited to optimizing the meta tags but also doing the best thing to improve the SEO.


For an instance, making the flawless readability issues and SEO settings along with the meta and image description. The readability mechanism is the most important as it shows the complete guide on how to write the description. And making the sentences and word choices.




WordPress is the perfect choice to make the websites at warp speed and to defend the WordPress websites they are making best of the plugins. Because if the hackers can get the sites hacked once, it is possible to lose lots of the data and number of websites at a time. To avoid such things, WordPress has a plugin for use called Defender that makes the websites secured by the hacking activity.


The plugin lets you search the site loopholes and vulnerabilities for which the site can get hacked in no time or even the fewer possibilities. The plugin will find the flaws and make it protected all the time. And does clean up the site if gets virus anytime and stays as the standalone solution for the protection.




Loading of a site is the most important parameter ever for considering the user base. As users would not like to stick to the sites getting loaded taking most of the time. The images and static content get loaded after a long time and users get irritated with such things.


Making the website faster calls for the CDN plugin to reveal such static files. MaxCDN is the reliable and easy solution to integrate with the WordPress site for considering as the technical factor for the most optimized site ever. Which in turn makes the website technically good SEO and so it ranks first.




It is another WordPress plugin stands for improving the SEO of a website. As it aids with the slider loading and makes the loading even faster with no bad impact on the loading speed no matter the heavy slider you use. And it proves to be the best choice for the SEO Purpose and an intelligent move as a developer.


Floating Social Bar


Adding a plus point to the website as the social media and still not getting slow the site is the plugin that allows you to add only the needed social media buttons. Because adding up the unnecessary ones will make the site slow loading and not making any sense. There are many social media plugin allows to get social with the many accounts but most of them are not needed. Whereas Floating social bar stands for the custom choice of add up.




Anything that happens to you for the next single second, do you aware of it? Just like that may your website gets hacked by the team of hackers or get corrupted at any instance of time! Do you have a concrete back up storage? If not, you should have them!


Snapshot backs up the site completely and later on you can save the data at any of the cloud storages available. And as it is said that, precaution is always better than cure. The backup will always be helpful for the very secured concern of a website development.


Login LockDown


It is possible to unlock the login with some incorrect credentials tried so many times and then making a hacking of a website. We can see that on our smartphones there is some limit login functionality for which the hacker can not make the wrong unlocking attempts. The plugin takes care of admin panel by putting the limited number of login attempts and hence this plugin works as the best to use.


Table Press


WordPress offers an individual plugin for creating the tables and does not allow the user to create the table by itself. And this means the WordPress prefers to be inclined with the plugins than the inbuilt functionality because the specific plugin works better for each of the purposes.


Here creating, editing and make deletion of the table becomes so easy and also allows to add them to the widgets, posts or pages.


Ultimate Branding


Customizing is something that refers to the branding. We often see the things that look different and just exclusive makes us feel special about them. Considering such things, making the branding of your business matters a lot at the same time when you are dealing with the WordPress site.


Whether it is replacing a logo or customizing the admin bar and making the whole product your own. Without customizing the coding but approaching the plugins just can make ease with the ultimate branding in the real sense.


Hope you get the best out of the content represented here. As the WordPress is it popular for creating the websites in a blink of eyes, you will get more speed with the plugins of it!


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