Top Digital Marketing Trends to go for in 2018

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to go for in 2018

With the increasing growth of mobile and web app developments, digital marketing has sure seemed to pave its way to the promotion and marketing strategies.Below are the top five trends that you should watch out for to become a successful digital marketer and promote your business.




The Chatbots are one of the major things being commendable with its services and coming up as a major yes-yes for any progressing company as of now. Well, to familiarize you with the concept of Chatbots, they as are just devices/tools present on the other side of your computer equipped with AI to come up with answers to all the questions of your customer in a satisfactory and a familiar tone.


Nowadays, the bots are being set up in such a way that it is not easy to depict whether are you talking to a real bot or chatting with a real person.


Thus, to expand your business, start with a chatbot for your Facebook page to help understand the perspectives of the users. Find fun, entertaining ways to engage to begin the conversation, because the main agenda is to begin the conversation so that the user can be engaged in your business activities.


This surely comes up as a better solution when compared to the Email marketing as this would end up bringing on a lot of potential customers at least taking a reference through your area of work rather than simply spamming it.



Be it any age group, they have become totally inseparable from the mobiles these days. Go to any public place and just look at the people near you, all of them would have their heads down into their smartphones digging on one thing or the other.


And thus, without any doubt, the mobile marketing in undoubtedly has to be the perfect medium for the marketing if they have a right strategy build-up in a perfect way.


For instance, you can send up text messages every week offering special discounts to the customers thus making them feel a personalized approach and thus make them feel special.


A good take here would be to send two messages a month, one to promote your business and the other would be more of a fun message, indirectly hinting them about your business.


Social Networking

It is always a good perspective to keep your users updated with your business and various aspects such as innovative trends, DIY contents etc. This content needs to be provided to them with the help of an effective content marketing strategy, that helps them understand everything about your business.


A good take here is to utilize the social networking sites and telecast well-managed strategies on it, such as blogging about them, or delivering videos or generating podcasts, or even making out images out for the same.


Make this out in such a way that leads on to a perfectly functional marketing strategy for you, as well as come up as an interactive platform for your customers or your potential clients.



On one hand, the organic traffic stand out as the best way to generate traffic on your websites, having innocent reviews would let you have a stronger impact on your business, Understand the logic behind this:


Despite you providing a tremendous service to your customers, you are not being reviewed much other than you yourself bragging about it in your portfolios?


Why would Google think of giving a higher page and even consider its SEO strategy if the company has a one or a two-star rating?


Thus, indirectly, having a higher google rating is extremely important to get you on top of the search engine rankings.Imagine yourself in place of a consumer, even you would be going through a number of reviews to check the quality of the product before actually planning to purchase it.


Thus, make your users come up with reviews for your work and its quality, but do not force them into this as that is purely illegal and not even a fair step towards the mobile app development principles.



Having a large number of live videos to directly get involved with your customers would give you a positive approach and better viewership, leading on to better consumer interaction and easiness of promotions here.


Direct content to be viewed provides you to have your point understood faster and in a simpler way, can help boost up your conventions by ay 80% as well as help you have larger landings to your home page eventually.


Start out by coming up with videos every month and getting live on a weekly basis. But, do not focus on the number-rather look up to quality on the videos being generated.


How to get the maximum out of these trends:


After briefly going through all these trends, all you have to is to focus on a single one as for now and later get into the other once you master the first one.Well, the year has already begun and is waiting for you to move ahead! Get, Set, GO!

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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