Top 5 iPhone App Development Trends to rule over the mark

Top 5 iPhone App Development Trends to rule over the market in 2018

With the advent of 2018, various trends are being eyed on even with the mobile app development. With an average ratio of 4 million apps,  having a download rate of somewhere around 70% generating a whopping revenue of $5billion, Apple’s play store has surely had one lucrative year in 2017.


Planning to broaden its horizon this year, Apple seems to be all set to take a step further to increase the strength of its app store along with the support from iOS app developers all over the world. Here are the trends to look upon in the year 2018.


Artificial Intelligence for Siri and Concept-based learning!

The most favorite assistant provided by Apple and highly popular amongst a majority of people throughout the world comes up as a major point of interest throughout the world not only today but since the beginning of its launch.


Over the years, it is been evolving into a better version with each passing day and stands out as the best version in front of us today. Thus, your Siri can understand whatever you speak, and with utmost admiration for it, comes up with the desired solution every time you ask for it.


With the help of contextual learning and artificial intelligence embedded in it, Siri now is developing a special mechanism which enables it to deliver a GPS pin when you are messaging.


Along with this, Siri also functions up as a powerful task manager that would allow you to access any QR codes for WeChat and also for you Citi Mobile App. Thus, this is highly understandable that Siri’s AI is achieving greater heights this year all set to deliver benchmark performances.



Swift programming language is building up a great spot with is an equal amount of consistency and has surely come up as the most preferred up option for iPhone application development.


The general programming language of Apple, Swift comes up pre-attached for iOS, Linux, tvOS as well the MacOS. When Apple made the announcement of Swift, it assured Swift to be the most powerful programming language and an extremely easy an fun to learn a language for its developers.


.Apple’s general-purpose programming language, Swift is pre-compiled for macOS, iOS, Linux & tvOS. While announcing Swift 4, Apple said that Swift is the most powerful programming language and it is very easy to learn.


Swift 4 comes up with various handy characteristics. On one hand, it effectively maintains the efficiency of Swift 3, also delivering to us a language with higher potentiality which comes up with highly scalable and a wide variety of applications.


This upgradation would increase up to the value of the iOS application development and thus is providing a helping hand to its publishers which help develop the applications faster without having to compromise on the security and the performance ratio of your device.


Thus, we are looking forward to the development of iOS applications with increased safety and a higher performance ratio.


File Management

With the launch of iOS 11, there comes up tons of exciting options and extravagant set of features with the current using trends in the year 2018. File management comes up to be just one of them.


The app that has been labeled as File Manager, iOS users comes up to effectively managing the files and a number of cloud apps with the help of a single location.


For instance, you store up all your presentations on Google Drive, or your personal videos even on Dropbox, etc, the Files app helps you maintain a single dashboard from where you can manage everything that you have stored on this devices.


Thus, it eventually saves a lot of time of yours and also prevents you to hassle from one point to the other to manage and locate your files.


Thus, with this trend being provided to its user s in the latest version of iOS, that is iOS 11, the mobile app developers can now come up with tons of unique concepts for iPhone as well as for iPad. Thus, this would help its users to get connected to the File Manager to have an improvised experience of using the iOS format.


Apple HomeKit

A magnificent creation by Apple is none other than the Apple HomeKit. Basically, it is nothing but a framework of the Apple Inc. that is especially being developed for the automation of home.

The main purpose of developing the HomeKit is to enhance the communication and thus help you interact with various devices of your home’s smart devices. And, thus, comes back into action, Siri, which commands over the smart devices at your place.


To satisfy this objective, the iOS app developers are developing applications with the help of the Apple HomeKit. The Apple HomeKit enabled all the smart devices of your house to stay connected to the actions that are been commanded by Siri or even by the users too.


To make this effective, the centralized applications can surely be developed to streamline the automation of the entire home procedure. Thus, the IoT ecosystem of the various connected things such as the automation of home is expected to hit off a massive 50 billion by the end of this decade.


And thus, Apple home kit surely turns out to be the next hot trend in the year 2018, and far beyond that.


Highly-efficient Hardware:

The ARKit that has been running on Apple A9, A10 as well A11 processors, Comes up within Highly Effective duty performance which would in turn help in understanding the scene fast and does enables you to create highly compressed and a virtual content who was the real one’s scenes and the scenarios.


Have a look over some of the benefits that the hardware provides us and also the trends that are being expected trends for the iOS app development in 2018.

· Visual Inertial Odometry

To effectively locate the world that surrounds you with higher precision, the ARKit is using the Visual INertial Odometry which is a combination of the data of the Core Motion that has been equipped with the camera sensor data.

  • Rendering Optimizations

The ARKit optimizations Can be beneficial to you in a number of third-party tools such as Unity and Unreal engine, along with some of the internal tools such as Metal and SceneKit

  •  Estimation of Lighting

with the help of the camera sensors, the ARKit can help you estimate the total amount of light in the scene and thus apply the required amount of light to the virtual objects present in the scenario.

Thus, a robust hardware is what can be considered in the top most powerful Trends of the iOS application development in the year 2018.



Concluding the fact, surely this here comes up with a lot of advances to promote the iOS developers and creating numerous opportunities for the iPhone app development company across the world to relative to the capitalized income and end up having effective monetization for the same. This certainly proves out to be a year of a number of adventures that the iOS App Developers are going to experience.


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