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Top 5 Things to Consider For App Development in 2018


By 2020, World Wide Web would become less significant and slightly less useful than the past and it would be the apps that would dominate the lives of people, and add on to their comfort level as well.


Looking at the growth curve and the rate at which the mobile app development companies have been expanding, the mobile application development companies are surely going to take a lead over the entire market by the end of the decade.


And thus, with recent advancements and declarations on keeping up with the trend, surely, the company have to stay under a lot of stress to keep up the best position and come up with their best services to keep nurturing the demands of the customers.In such a condition, one surely must keep in mind the following points that would help you self-analyze your working progress.



When you plan to develop a mobile application, without a doubt the first and the most important thing to keep in mind would be choosing the right platform. Look on to the following factors such as the country in which your app would be released, your targeted audience, etc.


The main thought behind such an elaborate procedure being to target out a large number of audience faster and with higher response rate.


top mobile app trends



This again turns out to be a spot wherein the Backend developers need to take decisions with broader mindsets.A large number of apps these days are driven by API.


However, not all the apps that you develop necessarily be in need of a custom backend and keep them connected with the APIs. A large number of times, you can easily handle out every possible detail just what the hell of a local database without any backend support.



Analytics in the mobile app world is not used as much as it should be. Analytics help to understand why there is a poor adoption ratio for the app. You should keep in mind to implement mobile analytics relevant to your business goals, to understand and improve the performance of the apps.


The data from mobile analytics can be used to improve user engagement, retain users and pinpoint specific functionalities to strengthen the overall user experience.


You should be clear on what data you want to track, plan it well ahead in the development phase itself, so that analytics come in handy when you want to make decisions.




This is that segment of your app that shows up how is your app going to look to your customers, thus the success ratio of your app largely depending on this factor.The first and the most important step is to understand the differences between UI as well as UX.


UI refers to the design of the interface wherein UX focuses on the user experience.Make your that the app you tend to develop has a perfect combination of both of these so that it can be widely received.



Last but not the least, look out to the guidelines that have been provided by the platforms and strictly abide by them no matter whatsoever the constitution turns out to be.


Having a similar approach whilst developing apps across both the platforms is surely not going to work out in the correct order. A user might be using dozens of apps, and that is the prime reason for him to look out for the placement of buttons without necessarily being aware of the situation.


However, if the placements are not performed accordingly it would end up giving the users a bad experience and thus would cut down the audience automatically.



Understand the importance of each of the points stated here and look forward towards assigning them in the development process.Always Remember one thing: To develop an app might be an easy task, however keeping up the good reputation of it turns out to be effort taking one.

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