Top mobile app development trends in the year 2018

Top Mobile App Development Trends in the Year 2018


Without a doubt, the year 2017 has been a great year for the mobile app developers across the world. From being just a form of investment to coming up as the major source of income and an unavoidable journey for the expansion of your business, it has surely come up a long way since then.


The previous year saw a lot of effort been laid by the AR app developers. And the IoT industry is expected to hit the $700 billion mark by the year 2021. Thus, the present year s surely going to play a major role to take these things to the next level.


Following are certain mobile app development trends that one should look forward to the year 2018.


A non-detachable part of mobile apps- Machine Learning

AI machine learning Auxano Global Services

The year 2018 is surely going to come up a number of revolutions with the machine learning technology and artificial intelligence. The major reason behind this is that the machine learning would enable various applications to find out the complexity of the patterns and thus come up with useful information for the same by referring to a large data.


This certainly is going to bring up a lot of revolutionary changes in the healthcare industry, for the doctors would be able to develop treatment plans that build up perfectly well for their patients.


For instance, the plan can help out to send useful drug information to them, along with having alerts as to when and how to use them, etc. Thus, the predictable applications are going to play a major role in the year 2018.


Cloud-based App Development

cloud base app development

The mobile applications are surely going to turn the mobile market upside down by coming up with the direct cloud interactions.


This would help to reduce down the requirements of internal memory and also help to increase the mobile app traffic.


Such applications are directly going to gain data from the cloud, thus reducing load laid on the internal memory.


Enhanced Security


The demand for well-built security apps is never going to fade away. With the passing days, we end up storing a lot of confidential data in our phones, Thus we also wan tour unique information to be highly protected with the help of such security apps.


Hence, we might end up seeing the app store being stuffed up with applications as such; especially in case of iOS App development.


Apps for the Wearable Technology

wearble apps

Wearables are being accepted as a two wat support system by the audience these days-


Making it a necessity as well as bearing it as a style statement. With the Apple and Google smartwatches already in the frame and wearable from the well-known companies such as Fitbit, this industry is surely going to seek its horizon in the coming year as well.


IoT and its ap development

internet of thing

The hot topic these days it the IoT. This helps to gain a lot of business attention across various domains. It proves to be highly influential in various sectors, such as retail industry, healthcare, automotive industry or healthcare industries as well.


The IoT app developers are all set to come up with major changes in the mobile app development in this year too just like the previous year. This would lead on to have revolutionary changes across various industries and surely force them to change up their marketing strategies.


Augmented Reality planning to take a Leap this Year

augmented reality aixano global services

AR app development has surely come up with its own breeze and is going to spread the aura further in the year 2018 as well. Surely, tons of projects are already in the developmental phase and are going to set the market on the storm in this year for sure.


Be it the gaming industry or marketing, AR paves its way to al the industries and within no time is going to be synonymous with the mobile application development too.




Thus, the present year is surely being looked upon as a year of tremendous opportunities for various mobile app developers, several business organizations, manufacturers and planners and a lot of them as innovation is going to change the scenario of these ever-expanding industries.


What are you waiting for then? Gear u to follow the latest trends and build out the best version of your applications.

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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