Vivofit 3-the world’s most powerful tracker now at an affordable price

Vivofit 4-the World’s most powerful tracker now at an affordable Price

This seems to be the most debatable question since a past few years:

Why would anyone want to invest a huge amount of their money on a fitness tracker when the mobile app development has made a phone capable for the same and thus it provides you with all the basic features of the tracker?


Thus, if your smartphoneapp is compatible with the same, what would lure you to invest in one such device? Well, Garmin seems to have come u with an answer for the same. By releasing a masterpiece in the latest range of its fitness trackers, the Vivofit 4 seems to have answered it all.


Vivofits proudly boasts of the features of its latest tracking device with some cool value-for-money additions. It comes up with an all-color display having a battery life which has the generation capacity to run as the year-long without any hassle.


Thus, all of its aspects prove it to be a great device and an extremely powerful product in its range.


It comes up with two kinds of features:


  • The Move IQ automatic activity detection feature
  • Connect online community


These are certain features that adorn the device and a consumer would normally look up to in a tracker.


Is it worth the price that you pay for? Well, maybe!

This has been in question for a lot of people these days. I would not be bragging about it, if I mention that a lot of people are interested in buying this product s simply because of the lower price tag hat it comes up with.


An add-on to this is that the company has now planned to even lower the rates by a couple of dollars even further. Hence, where the earlier version was available at a price of around a $100;


the newer device now comes up with certain advanced features and tons of attractive visibilities all with a lower price tag.Thus, you can buy the new device at $80 which is available exclusively Amazon.


This certainly proves to be a unique idea for the people believing in the fact that their smartphone is not enough for tracking up their fitness, and they surely need a tracking device to track out their fitness activities as well.


Long-lasting battery life!


A good deal to invest in this feature is the fact that the device is equipped with a battery lasting throughout the year and how you can keep away your device from charging for a fairly large amount of time.


The device comes up with a couple of the SR43 coin batteries, which ensures a year-long insurance of the long lasting battery.Thus, you do not need to charge the battery for a year.


However, a bit disappointing fact of the device is that the company has not provided it with any charging cable and you need to change the SR43 batteries to when the battery completely drains out.


All the tracking features compiled into one!

When you are supposed to track the activity throughout the day, this device holds the capability to successfully track all your activities throughout the day.


This includes the number of calories that you burn pout while sleeping, running, biking, eating, swimming etc apart from the calorie that you burn while burning your calories while working out.


The tracker has also reduced out the activities of the mobile application development company by providing various feature within the tracker such as providing effective weather updates and showing up the stopwatch etc.


It also offers you another attractive feature such as ‘track my phone ‘ or even has a place destined to store all of your emergency contacts.The device is fully compatible of working on across both the devices-Android and iOS.


Specifications and Design!

With a spectacular battery life, what impresses us is its sleek design and an attractive look that attracts the crowd to get one for them.However, this is not it, as it gives you more reason to fall in love with the device.


Providing you with a color resolution of 88×88 pixels, the device also glows in the darkness thus assuring you of full visibility throughout.


Also, with the app developed by the mobile app developers (yes, I am talking about the Garmin connect mobile app),  it allows you to make alteration s with the colors and theme and customize the widget in your own way.


Also, the device can be used as a to-do app, in which you can set alarms for various activities that you plan to perform throughout the day. Thus, wear it as a watch or a tracking device, the choice is all yours.


The band provides you with few color option working on with the external feel of the band. For now, it is available in three colors- black, white and speckled black.


As far as the size of the band is concerned, you can have it in two sizes: small and regular wrists.


With the dimensions of 19.4 mm and a thickness of 9.4mm, this device is extremely thin and also light in weight, making it a suitable fit for any wrist-making that hand looks perfectly appealing.


Additional features worth paying for


Talking about the storage of the device, Vivofit 4 can preserve up to 4 weeks of your data tracked.


It also comes up waterproof thus ensuring tracking up your calories burning out near the pool, so that everything that you do makes it count.


However, you would not be able to measure the number of calories that you are burning while swimming, as it does not come up with a swim metric.


However, it provides its users a weather widget and a FInd my Phone feature which would make it compatible enough to come up with a win-win situation when compared with any mobile device available in the market.




Thus, the all-new Vivofit 4 comes up as a clear winner amongst all the smart fitness trackers available in the market as of now. With an unbeatable battery life, unique art features and a great display, waterproofing and what not-all of this comes up at an affordable price tag.


Thus, if you need a tracker that is as good as an all-rounder and without burning a hole in your pocket, then you can not come up with any other option better than the Vivofit 4 tracker. So what are you waiting for then? Order yours today itself.


Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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