Web Application Development Trends to look out for in the year 2018

Web App Development Trends to look out for in the year 2018


The Trends in any industry keep on changing with each passing day,  be it the 0 industry or the web application development Industry. Thus, It is always important to keep a watch over all the trains to remain ahead in the game.


2017 Has been an adventurous year for the web app developers,  and the journey is going to get even more exciting and the current year.


So, rather than looking for the hot topics of the previous year, latest look forward to the trains to look out for in the year 2018. For if you are planning to build your website in the current year, then following them is a must.


Progressive web applications had just started its journey in the year 2015. Now, when we look forward to the year 2018 they can surely be considered as the rulers in the market and I’ve been seen as the only potential competitor to the native app development.  But, What exactly are the progressive web apps?


Progressive Web Applications:

Often abbreviated as PWA, the progressive web apps are those websites which look similar to the native mobile applications. A  good part about them is that you can even use them offline, with an overwhelming User experience.


If You like a website, all you have to do is just add a shortcut to it on your home screen so that you can use it frequently. With most of the information being stored around in the cache,  the apps can be loaded within no time.


The service workers keep running in the background and that make sure that any information is not messed and scattered every time the device has internet connectivity.This is the major advantage by a lot of people are being attracted to the progressive web apps and I using them to a great extent these days.


Some of the leading companies in the world are gaining the huge amount of profit after getting equipped with this technology.For example, Flipkart experienced nearly 70% increase and the amount of time that people have been spending on their website raised more than 3 times just after the launched a PWA version of their website.


Despite The fact that PWAs would be having fewer features on the iOS devices because the platform does not yet promote the support service workers.


However,  with the increase in the example such as Flipkart,  they are proving it with each passing day that to increase user engagement, there is no better version than the progressive web applications beat on any platform. Though,  you would be and need to work on making its user interface attractive and interactive.


This Comes up as one part of the story and there are various other friends that one should be looking forward to making their web application emerge out as the leading one let us understand what these Trends are and how are they going to help you expand your business in the year 2018.


The Uni-page websites

To build up the simplicity and yet make your website attractive, this is the trend that you should be looking forward to. For This proves out to be the ultimate solution to keep up all the contents into one long page  The Other very very very long page without any complications.


Websites As such have their own advantages; for instance, the user would not have to face a series of problems such as a multi-level menu innumerable unending boring set of texts and complex navigation.


All the information that you need is provided on the same page all you have to do is just scroll down and look out for the thing you want.


However,  this procedure also has its own set of limitations because a single page website can never be suitable for elaborate businesses such as The E-Commerce projects and blogs.


But, For relatively smaller businesses we can also cut down the efforts by building up a single page website and make the uses happy by providing them with the necessary content in a relatively simple and more effective manner.


Thus,  this also helps you to make your user follow a certain pattern- that is the train that you want your users to go through while learning and gaining information about your former your company or the technology that you are promoting other than just scrolling down the pages in a random fashion.


A quick-bite: If You are a Startup and do not want to spend a large amount of money on a web application development,  then this is the best-suited platform view for it turns out to be more effective along with being comparatively cheaper and its developmental phase. And its Hosting also is way cheaper. But,  make sure that you have an out of the box designs and a user interface to look forward to.


24/7 customer support

The previous few years have been the year of chatbots. With increasing competition and this area as well we can see a tremendous growth in the quality of the services thus making it inclusive and error of the web development trend.


As per the predictions made by trade analysts,  nearly 85% of customers would be interacting with the companies without any human assistance by the end of the decade.


A Customer service chat board has surely become a must-have feature across any website be the E-commerce website or a top mobile app development company’s website.


This Can be considered as a transforming feature of customer interactions with the company and getting them acknowledged about various services as well as listening to all the problems.


Having chatbot make sure clients feel a bit more comfortable and helps and interact easily with any of his problems. For the bot Comes up with artificial intelligence, which gives and the capability to frequently answer any question, to send the client on the page that he’s looking for,  basically to solve any query that bothers the customer.


Thus,  chances of your website being in the favorite categories of your customers if you have an online assistance portal.You can easily have your own chatbot when developing one for yourself I’m getting it done.For this helps you to save a lot of time money and resources as well as focus your mind power on other more important services.


Static websites

You surely have not forgotten the concept of static websites. For,  this was the beginning of the websites on the initial world wide web for all the websites during those time were static.


But,  then came the concept of a dynamic website which wars comparatively easier to use and with high and functionality. Such websites can easily be updated even if you have no connection with the technical knowledge.


But, then the development procedure for search websites became far more complicated because to get the high functional website they need to undergo a lot of procedures to provide you with a working model for the same.


This might make you wonder what is it that is getting the static websites back into action? We Can call it fit your face of the web app developers that reminds them of their roots.


But, The factors that they are actually getting improve day by day with the help of the static site generator which allows combinations of various benefits that we can get from both a static website as well as a CMS.


Some of the most popular websites under this category are Gatsby, Hexo or Gitbook have been written using JavaScript. Also,  and the number of the static site generator have been written and various other programming languages- a detailed description of which is provided on the StaticGen website.


If something is coming back after such a long period of time they surely have to be some strong reason behind it. The first being there a lot cheaper can run faster and safer for to be used.


They can easily cater the needs of the various type of businesses and satisfy all your demands by comparatively taking fewer efforts and delivering more.Thus,  it is very likely to call the current year as the rebirth of the static websites.      


From Flash to HTML

Right After Steve Jobs came up with his views and flash it became quite clear that this is not a long lasting Technology. A  valid proof for this was given by YouTube nearly 2 years back when it shifted back to the HTML5 players. This is a clear sign that the flash players are going to die soon.


A  major reason that this technology does not stay in the market for long is that it is not compatible with the mobile devices. And  because of outdated technology, you end up losing a lot of traffic which is not affordable for an expanding business


Thus,  if you are still stuck with the flash players then consider this is a final call for you and get back to the traditional HTML5 players for it is work going to help you broaden your business eventually.Let us understand how.


Various games and videos that are being developed using the HTML5 Technology have an easy lead to a large number of an audience because undoubtedly it still has maintained his position of being the universal format for the digital content across any platforms throughout the world.


Try Following the advice of the web analyst and start using the HTML5 players so that you can maintain your position and this you as well.


Certainly,  this year is coming back as the regenerating face of a number of the older Technologies;  after all, no one can deny the fact that old is gold.


Motion UI

Simplicity Is the ultimate sophistication this turns out to be true for web design as well. After a certain point, the uses to get fed up with the over-creativity of the designers and always popping up flashing ads are those GIS and that is the reason a moderately simple website gets higher hits. Simple And classy is the new trend, isn’t it!


Thus, have A website with a relatively simple user interface which allows a user to interact with your website rather than getting tired of its effects.Make use of the simpler animations and let your website stand out loud.


Quick Tip: USing Modular scrolling and background animations would make your website stand apart from a number of other websites with the static UIs and that make it one of a kind.



As Important, as it is to have a mobile app for your moving business same, is the importance of getting a web application developed to promote your business.


Rather, if you are planning to get yourself in office, rather for getting yourself a website and a mobile app first because this is what is going to make your presence felt at the global level and let the world appreciate your efforts


Keeping UPS with the trains would help you attract a large number of customers, satisfy the need and always be a hot topic of discussion.Do you which to get featured at the top and maintain a higher stack of the other lot present there? Contact today itself and get your budget planned. Until then, Keep following the trends and get featured.

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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