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What 2018 has in store for Android App Development?


Android application development has gained rapid development over a past couple of years.Be it any sector, they surely rely on developing apps as an important source to expand their business.


For, application development and effective management is one such trend that helps in generating the required buzz along with staying connected to the customers 24/7.


The year 2017 has been a great year for the Google Play Store. It witnessed nearly 254 billion downloads in the year 2017.With tremendous audience and wider exposure, the Google Play Store surely is a big market for any investor to keep its eye on, The number of downloads has increased to five folds from the year 2013 where they used to be just 57.3 billion downloads.


This clearly shows the power of Android market and the android app developers leave no stone unturned to keep its position intact.


If this is the scenario Let us now have a quick glance at the current app development trends for the Android market and what it has in hands for us.


Accelerated Mobile Pages


The Accelerated Mobile Pages( often abbreviated at AMP), the one that was introduced by Google, is being considered as the one on the top of the hotlist by a number of trade analysts.


This helps to accelerate the process of page loading on the mobile devices.And thus, AMP helps you have a quicker access to the web pages on your mobile phones.


An art from this feature, it also ha another oh-so-cool function that it would be having a solo-isolated search index for the mobile’s web area.


This comes p to be a major breakthrough when SEO development is considered, for it is believed to transform the sector upside down.


Accelerated Mobile Pages will be of great help to the web applications so that they can load the apps at a quicker rate reducing the bounce rate by a tremendous level.


Thus, it would help to increase visibility to their advertisements and thus have a different impression for the visitors.


Advantages of AMP:


-Bigger and better CTR.

-Rapidly increasing Page Ranking

-Lesser efforts for migration

-Wider area for the visitors.

-Search Index for the mobile

-No issues with the content placement.

-Thus, leading to higher number of visitors.


Lazy Loading


As Weird as this may sound, lazy loading is coming up as an upcoming trend.The Loading up images taking expensive pen visit irritating for the user to wait and that he opens up the entire article.Because users do not like to wait for a long time on a single page.


Thus, This leads to an increase in the bounce rate, as a result of which the conversation Reigns goes tremendously down.Thus, to prevent this, the trendsetters have come up with a new kind of Technology- which is being labeled as lazy loading.This simply means that the images will load not from before.This has led to reducing the overloading of the page.


Cloud-Based mobile apps


Most Of mobile app development companies, as well as other companies, are supposed to manage to meet this amount of data.This data has to be preserved essay format and kept secured.


Thus, the Android app developers look forward to coming up with such Cloud Computing solutions as an easy help for their customers.For,  the cloud-based Android apps will make sure that you can get an access to all your data anytime anywhere and in a safer way.


Thus, The cloud-based mobile apps would this be creating buzz over the coming years. Thus, If you still do not have one of them, and you are planning to develop a mobile application, surely go for this one.


You might find tremendous competition for a large number of companies have invested in the same and there’s have developed as that of a cloud-based Android App Development.Look out for the right company, try to utilize their efforts the maximum.


Simple colour schemes and Effective Minimisation


Betterment After an application is not necessarily dependent on the speed of it, and the technical side. When The app has a large number of design elements, it might cause a large number of unwanted confusion and create problems for the user.


On The other hand, if you have a minimalistic design, it would make the entire procedure easier and interactive for the user, all you need to do is to click the button.And thus, the products would no longer be a defective piece of art.


Afterall, “ less is more”  is a rule applicable everywhere, and it should be here for the color schemes as well.Notice one thing-Almost All your favorite apps have at least one feature in common- they have a decent choice of colors and use a very few shades of them in the application as well.


A couple of years before, Material Design was put forward To its customers that evolve with a new concept which was based on simplicity, on making use of subtree colors light backgrounds.


And thus,  it’s high time we look forward to it and try changing the setup.Understand material design and look out for the simplicity as much as you can.


Mobile Payments and the Innovations related to it


“Mobile Responsive” I certainly become a topmost word to be used these days.Nut, this is not even the Global mobile payment sector Is witnessing a progressive growth.


When 2017 n was coming towards an end, it annually established a market of $600 billion. Evolutions With the Payment Technology such as variable payment solutions, digital currencies, contactless payments etc. have made their presence strong.


With The electronic payment market planning to our completely cashless society, when my surely start working in that direction.As a large number of people have already started using these facilities, they can be evolved in a certain way to look up for better development and get payment facilities.Thus, lookup for Android application developers and get an app developed for the same.


Thus, these are certain Trends that would be ruling the market In the year 2018.Now, the duty is entirely yours that how would you be using them for your benefit.

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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