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What kind of Mobile Apps Would You Prefer? Native | Hybrid | Web!


Website and mobile apps are an integral part of the digital presence. Businesses depend on the digital marketing. And so the increasing buzz for the mobile apps. well, the market has much more exciting. As the latest technologies are always come up with the ease of life.


The mobile app development companies are using more techniques. Ensuring fewer efforts and smart work. The mobile app has major platforms such as Android and iOS. But digging into the subcategories, it has three core branches. Such as Web apps, Hybrid and Native.


Well, the market usually gets confused between the websites and mobile apps. Yet, both are supporting pillar to each other and necessary. Alone mobile app or a website will not create an impacting image. As we know, by 2020, there will be more than 185 billion US dollars of revenue by the in-app purchases and app stores. Based on that, we can gauge how useful is the mobile app development ?


Well, without further ado, let’s have a quick introduction to the three major mobile app types. Hybrid mobile app, Web & Native mobile apps. Yet, it depends on the usability, target audience and the business associated.


Let’s have a glance at these three:


Web Apps


We all use websites. And sometimes we may get confused between websites and web apps. Well, these are the two different terms. And of different with the native and hybrid mobile apps. Web apps are not the websites with the URLs. But we need to load them into our browsers. As they are not mean to get downloaded. They are free from any platforms.


Web apps run on Android, iOS, Windows and more. Web apps are something that doesn’t need space on user’s mobile device. And that’s when it becomes favorite. Because having app experience but a website like characteristics when it comes to storage. They are the best to choose between the native and hybrid mobile apps.


They use HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Mobile app development companies find it useful for the projects requiring a quick outcome. As the native custom-built mobile app will take more time than this.


Yet, web apps are not for replacing the native apps. But yes, of course, can give native app experience seamlessly with the utmost features and quality. Business in a hurry to have digital presence can approach web app first.


Google has started developing latest versions of such technology. That is progressive web apps. Yet, they are for to iOS & Windows only as of now. In which, a combination of hybrid and web applications. Sending push notifications and accessing mobile phones features such as vibration will be the extensive functionalities of it.



Hybrid Mobile Apps


This is too, one of the in-between terms. It’s bridging the gap between native and web apps. The hybrid mobile app is sometimes called as the cross-platform apps, too. Using the HTML5 and CSS, the hybrid mobile apps are winning the crowd for appealing web view. Easy, smart and simple – Hybrid mobile app.



The mobile app developers prefer hybrid mobile apps for the projects demanding for the lowest budget. Business with the less get in touch with larger audiences can approach hybrid mobile apps.



However, they are obviously cheaper than native but a bit costlier than the web apps. Clients need to give a completely personalized experience with the mobile apps don’t prefer building hybrid mobile apps.


Hybrid mobile apps get installation within the phone, unlike web apps. Available in app stores. It’s good with the social media platforms, engaging with friends, taking pictures and more. Using the native UI elements, these apps tend to use the mobile phone built-in apps such as Camera, microphone etc.



Native Mobile Apps


Popular in nature and getting development ready for each different platforms are Native mobile apps. These mobile apps are built using the specific technology for specific platforms. Integrated Development Environment performs the vital part in various operating systems. For an instance, programming in Swift or objective C used for iOS and Java for Android.



Most of the mobile app development companies offer native mobile app development along with the fantastic features and app ideas. But what needs to consider is having app performance to great extent. So finding a mobile app development company with the expertise on native app performance and feature rich characteristics makes an app good going to app stores.


Because building a native app alone does not complete the mobile app development perfect. But it does seek a great impact on marketing sense. However, a mobile app developer with a good knowledge of mobile apps market and scope definitely gauge the imperatives needed to knot in during the development itself.



The native mobile apps are fast, responsive and comfortable with the platforms. It has complex languages to learn about the essential development process. And highly interactive with the users and natural functioning. Smart and attractive.



However, the modern technologies such as React native allows developing a native app for Android and iOS both. So conflicting the scenario of native apps for specific platforms and specific languages.


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