Why Apps get rejected from the play store ?

Let’s be straight. No one needs an application that has no use. The success of the mobile experience is highly dependent upon the quality and functionality of the applications available for the respective mobile platforms.


According to a survey an average mobile user spends close to 177 minutes on their mobile phone every day and 90% of this time is spent on apps. The bottom line is that, a while ago, the app stores provided a few guidelines for the apps to get the place.


Here are the 6 tips to prevent your app from a rejection:

1) Does your app cross the line ?


Google play is a platform which is used by almost everyone from a kid to an old person. It is used worldwide. So you should better be aware of the language and content which is used in the app must be appropriate.


Your app should not include any sexually explicit content, violence, hate speech, bullying, harassment and sensitive events like a natural disaster, atrocity etc. Apart from this play store doesn’t allow apps that leads users to harmful financial instruments and any app that promote or facilitate illegal activities.


2) Is your app original and true to its claims ?


Copycats are strictly not allowed! Both Google play store and Apple app store have very strict guidelines for copyright violation. Google play store does not allow apps that use entity’s brand, logo, and shows fake relations with another entity when none exists.


The apps which falsely claims to be the official app of an established entity is also strictly prohibited from the play store.


3) Is your app safe ?


As the app ecosystem remains to become more and more intricate and interconnected, Google has rising concerns over securing user privacy. Apps that are unreliable, wicked, or intended to abuse or misuse any network, device or personal data are strictly forbidden.


Google policies do not allow those apps that facilitate or provide guidance on how to hack services, software or hardware, or evade security protections. Apps which uses API in a way that violates the term of services also get rejected by Google.


4) Is your app designed for families and kids ?


If you are submitting an app in play store which is designed for family programs ensure that your app is appropriate for children and obedient to COPPA and other related laws. Google does not allow an app that glamorizes the use of tobacco or alcohol.


5) Does your app provide minimum functionality ?


Before submitting the app on google app store make sure that your app provides a stable, responsive user experience. It also doesn’t allow apps that crash, contains misleading information or functions abnormally.


6) Do you use fake information to attract users ?


Metadata contains the name of the app, its information, ranking, reviews, and ratings. So be careful while writing the metadata for your app, you must be very specific and exact, especially when it comes to the app description.


Briefly and clearly explain what is your app is all about so the app user understands what they are downloading.


Follow these simple 6 tips to avoid the rejection of Google play store. After keeping these points in mind publishing apps on play store will become a piece of cake.


Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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