Why Should You Choose HTML5 Vs the Ready-made Templates e.g., WordPress

Why Should You Choose HTML5 Vs the Ready-made Templates e.g., WordPress?


Clients – The most important part of the company dealing with the information and technologies. For the company, a client is what they need to match their requirements anyhow with the best results.


Consider a scenario when you are dealing with a completely unknown person with the field you are talking about. You have to make them understand from A to Z and How the things work?


Whether it is a web & app development agency or you are having taxation advisory or something else! You need to keep up the things from the bottom. Talking about the web development agencies, there come a lot more technical things that need to be discussed with the clients for their betterment of projects and avoid future misunderstanding.


Consider a project that you need to develop with a company doing the web App Development Company and you came to know at the end that “your project is not developed yet!”


When is a Project got mislead?


Client: I want things to be done in a very custom manner. As I said, “I want things to be worked in this system and not the same way it does in other websites”


Web Development Company/ Agency: Yes, sure we can.


Client: the rates you have said are too much for the custom designs. I want WordPress as the framework as other companies are making at cheaper rates.


Web Development company: Yes, we can do that. But the thing is, as you have said the things you want should be totally personalized and no more common structures to be followed. We want to shape your website in a uniquely designed manner.


Client: What should we do the same?


Web Development company: For that, we need to develop a custom web development things. That makes our approach with HTML5 and not the ready-made WordPress. And it may cost a bit more time but it will be completely built up as you have said.


Client and company’s conversation goes on in such manner. But what about the website development projects running on the ready-made things in spite of choosing to build our own.


Well, there can be a lot more technologies on the web and app development. A lot a lot more. But choosing the best out of them is the task of developers and business development fellows sitting in the companies. Because clients are those people coming for the technical requirements to convert in a so good and exclusive reality.


Here as a web development project, Let’s discuss the benefits of using HTML5 over the Ready Made Templates like WordPress / Magento!


Develop your own security controls, no matter thousands of websites get hacked but yours will be secured. A way better than user experience. Develop a website that centers your customers and not the common functionalities which are not needed at all.

  • As per the costs perspective, HTML5 is quite easy to use because there will be low costs as compared to the WordPress themes in the HTML5 themes.


  • If we see from the developer’s end, there will not be any confirmation in the WordPress themes whether the code developed by the developer is clean or not.


  • Whether the themes developed in the ready-made ones are being separated the kernel functionality from the theme design or not.


  • Very low chances of making the themes customized in the ready-made ones. Because you can only make the customization at the limited scopes and not the full phased.


  • Wherein the custom designed web pages, your developer can make the customization as you want and there will be an exclusive look and effect of your user interface and that directly be impacted on the customer/ user base you are targeting to.


  • Custom designed websites are far better than the limited scopes designs which just includes simple changes like color, font, and sizes.


  • You will stand out exclusive in the numerous websites developed in the same manner. As you will stand out and so as the crowd will gonna crazy about your product and service.


  • Developers can easily add the functions as they need whatever functionality you want to implement. Whereas in themes like WordPress, developers will need a lot more time to find the functions and plugins as required.


  • A ready-made theme is what a customer can easily find out you have made a simpler effort to make the business and you are not making a brand effect on them. So there will be a direct impact on the marketing of your business. So HTML5 is not just developing the website, but also making the business a “brand”.


  • A smarter solution for the web browser cache and a neat and clean code ever


  • A complete personalization experience that stands you out a brand and no need for marketing like a common companies/business


  • You express your own choice of color, size, graphics, navigations and more


  • Themes may not assure you about optimizing your site for the better search engine ranking


  • You are at the place where growth is just constant. Add anything anywhere & anytime


Hence, Developing things custom remain custom. Whether a house or a website. These are yet more technical reasons for what HTML5 wins and Ready Made Gets a quick defeat. After all designer clothes are, of course, seeks a brand image and buying the readymades are standing as just “common

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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