Why Developers have Switched to Kotlin Programming Language For Building Android Apps ?

Why developers have switched to kotlin programming language for building android apps ?

The question here is not to abuse the programming language you are using for your livelihood. If you have hardcore work experience on Java then you might be aware with the defects in it, which has been absolutely addressed by Kotlin.

It is a statistically typed programming language for JVM(Java Virtual Machine), a sophisticated programming language for android application development.

Kotlin is developed by Jetbrains – a Czech Republic based software development company, which has developed IntelliJ Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

It provides full compatibility to Java which is primarily used to develop android apps. It adheres to open source concept, meaning the course code is publicly available for any amendments as per the requirements of the developers.

Many business oriented features are supported by Kotlin, which Java doesn’t use to provide. Various exceptions arising due to runtime code execution and source code syntax has been eliminated in Kotlin.

You can merge your existing project developed in different language with Kotlin, which means that you past endeavor is conserved. Being a pure object oriented programming language it provides seamless interoperability with programs develop in Java, thereby allowing android application development companies to undergo gradual migration process from Java to Kotlin.

C#, Javascript, Swift and Scala are the programming language that influenced Andrey Breslav to develop Kotlin. The name originated from an island located near St. Petersburg, Russia named Kotlin.

It was Andrey Breslav and his team that decided to give the name after an island just like Java – an Indonesian island. The hardcore kotlin developers and programmers reside in St. Petersburg.

Now, Google is fiercely promoting Kotlin for android mobile operating system and has been declared official programming language to build android apps. Kotlin is planning to collaborate with Google to establish a non-profit organisation to usher up the language.

In future, Kotlin is planning to provide development support to other platform especially Mac along with it compiles to Javascript for web application development. https://kotlinlang.org/ is the official website of Kotlin.

Latest version of Kotlin

Kotlin 1.1.3 / June 23, 2017

Filename extension

.kt and .kts

Kotlin Syntax rules

The syntax of kotlin is very much similar to Java and Pascal programming language and comes loaded with classes and modules similar to Java.

Highly secure language

The usage of NullPointExceptions aids the developer to efficiently write code with minimal errors. It comes loaded with advanced compiler to detect any syntax related errors eg typecast conversion, memory occupation etc.

Debugging the login feature in Kotlin

Debugging the login feature in Kotlin

public class MyLogger {
   public static void d(String message) {
       if (BuildConfig.DEBUG) {
           Log.d(“TAG”, message);

   // other logging methods

MyLogger.d(“Hello, ” + expensiveToCompute());

If there is the overhead regarding the performance then :

  • Call to Logging method is done : MyLogger.d(…);

  • Calculating the number of arguments/parameters in the logging method : “Hello, ” + expensiveToCompute();

Use of Proguard’s -assumenosideeffects to remove the method call

MyLogger.d(“Hello, ” + expensiveToCompute());

and the proguard setting

-assumenosideeffects class MyLogger {
   public static void d(…);

fun log(lambda: () -> String) {
   if (BuildConfig.DEBUG) {
       Log.d(“TAG”, lambda())

For Domain Specific Language (DSL) or writing UI code in Kotlin

class CrudView: VerticalLayout(), View {
 // you can restrict the values by writing the following expression.
 // This is an example of a SQL DSL:
 private val personsDataProvider = jpaDataProvider<Person>()
    .and { Person::age between 20..60 }

 init {
   horizontalLayout {
     createButton = button(“Create New Person (Ctrl+Alt+C)”) {
       onLeftClick {
         createOrEditPerson(Person(created = Date()))
       clickShortcut = Ctrl + Alt + C
     button(“Generate testing data”, { generateTestingData() })
   // the JPA list demo – shows all instances of a particular JPA entity,
   // allow sorting and filtering
   personGrid = grid(Person::class, dataProvider = personsDataProvider) {
     expandRatio = 1f; setSizeFull()
     // example of a custom renderer which converts value to a
     // displayable string.
     column(Person::created) {
       setConvertingRenderer { it!!.toInstant().toString() }
     // show these columns, and in this order. Note the static
     // Person property references
     showColumns(Person::id, Person::name, Person::age,
         Person::dateOfBirth, Person::maritalStatus, Person::alive,
     // add additional columns with buttons
     addColumn({ “Show” }, ButtonRenderer<Person>(
         { event -> PersonView.navigateTo(event.item) }))
     addColumn({ “Edit” }, ButtonRenderer<Person>(
         { event -> createOrEditPerson(event.item) }))
     addColumn({ “Delete” }, ButtonRenderer<Person>(
         { event -> deletePerson(event.item.id!!) }))
     // you can even auto-generate filter bar.

Features of Kotlin

  • Absolutely adheres to open source paradigm.

  • Provides full compatibility to java programs

  • Successfully compiles to Java Virtual Machine bytecode of Javascript

  • Rich support to data classes

  • Eliminates any overhead during runtime execution of programs

  • Support to large collections of extensions from third-party

  • Less line of coding procedure with better productivity

  • Similar to Swift programming language in many aspects

  • The Lean syntax of kotlin is very much expedient which in turn leads to better productivity.

  • The == comparison operator functions in the manner community expects.

  • Nullability is one of the most common issue faced by java developers which leads the application to crash during runtime.

Usage of Kotlin


Various mid and large scale corporates have adapted kotlin to develop their products. Pinterest the world’s largest internet based photo sharing websites has adopted kotlin for their application which is downloaded and used by more than 200 million users worldwide.


Uber technologies uses kotlin programming language for the development of internal tools.


Gradle being an open source build automation system uses Kotlin to write build scripts.


Coursera – online courses from top notch universities, mobile application is developed in kotlin language.


There are multiple flaws of Java that are resolved through the usage of kotlin. Simplified coding procedure is the basic reason why android developers love to code in kotlin. Apps developed in Kotlin, performs seamless execution on devices across various hardware configurations thereby reducing the lags and hangs. All this extensive list of features has made Kotlin the future programming language for coding android apps. To access the resources of Kotlin visit

What forces entrepreneurs to hire kotlin developers from Auxano Global Services ?

  • Our android application developers are proficient in using kotlin programming language and are well-versed with its syntax related architecture.

  • We follow MVC (Model View Control) architecture for development of efficient and feature rich android apps.

  • Our portfolio of kotlin apps is swelled with feature-rich applications that meant to cater dynamic business requirements of the client.

  • All our kotlin projects are developed through the maintenance of stringent quality standard and is delivered within stipulated time period.

  • We follow authorised coding procedures with three-tier security model to ensure that the private data of the user is not breached.

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