Project Overview

Is that anyone told you that you’re looking like a celeb? You or no! Prove it by using our app based on face recognition, Celebtwin - Celebrity Look Alike. All you have to do is to choose one of your pics or take new photo and the application will find your famous look alikes.

Technologies Used

  • Objective-C
  • Xcode 7.3 or Above
  • AdMobs
  • In app purchase
  • Multi language supported

Key Features

Automatic face location and recognition.
Manual eyes location as an additional option.

Business Requirement

To create an app that actually tells you whether you look like a celeb or not?

Just have a photo and do match with instant result.

Our Solution

Celebtwin - Celebrity Look Alike discover your twins within celebrities.

You can either take the photo on the spot or else choose from the gallery.

It just that your face should occupy the bigger portion of the photo, straight looking with no head bend or rotation.


  • App


A mobile application hard-coded in Objective-C which uses Xcode 7.3 as an IDE( Integrated Development Environment).

To monetize the app it includes AdMob – to offer insights to users, drive-in purchases and increase the potential to maximize the revenue.

Available on

As a result of carefully designed user interface with seamless app services, the web and app of Celebtwin met the objectives of the client. Attractive UI gave better user experience resulting into more number of registered users from mobile phones.