Project Overview

'Classfeed' is mainly for the buyers and sellers who uploads & downloads the notes on the Website respectively. The notes are organized on the weekly basis so as to bifurcate it very easily. Such virtual Mobile classroom is must now-a-days.

Technologies Used

  • PHP / MySQL
  • Ajax
  • Javascript
  • XML
  • cPanel
  • Bootstrap

Key Features

Get notified on new uploads
Easily Organized (Weekly)
Rate the Seller

Business Requirement

The Website should be made so that it could make it easy for the students to get the notes.

Buyer follows Seller & gets the updates. The notes should be organized category wise.

User should get the notes in form of mails.

Our Solution

Buyer can view all the downloaded notes from his account. Buyer can follow the seller after log in. Buyer will be notified if the seller has uploaded any new set of notes to which he is following.

Buyer can search notes based on school, course no and course name to his account. The notes uploaded by seller will be organized based on category on the website like week1, week2, week3, mid term notes.

Buyer will be able to search notes by categories, Most Popular (Based on ratings), Most Recent (Recently uploaded notes will be displayed on top search), Date Taken, Based on Downloads.

Seller can upload notes in the form of doc or PDF format. Seller will see total number of downloads for specific notes in his dashboard.


  • Web


The Classfeed website is developed using PHP technology and as a backend uses MySQL technology.

While developing this website strict constraints were kept in mind purely oriented for enhanced customer services.

Use of high-end graphics software has given an eye-catching experience to the visitors of the website.