Top Mobile App Development Company in New Jersey

Top Mobile App Development Company in New Jersey , Top App Developers

According to a recent survey, over 90% of the American citizens own cell phones, and over 64% of them own smartphones.


This number is surely going to exceed in the coming years and presuming that every American citizen would end up owning a smartphone by the end of the decade.


If such technology advancing era, you surely ought to find the top mobile app development company for the development of your app so that your business does not lag behind.


Moreover, New Jersey is believed to be the hometown of a number of tech-savvy startups hence, it becomes extremely essential to find out the top mobile app development companies in New Jersey.


Auxano Global Services is widely accepted as the leading outsourcing mobile app development company ass we consider ourselves as the torchbearers in the mobile app development industry.


We are firmly recognized for providing world class services to our customers as we nurture their ideas and transform them into reality.  


Our specialty is our vociferous developers, who lead out your thoughts by deep diving into them converting them into well-organized apps.


Why Auxano Global Services:


  • We are an ISO certified company that provides high-end mobile app development to our customers.


  • We are a team of 50+ developers, analysts and concept planners that guide you through the entire development of your project, step by step till the end.


  • Since our inception in 2011, we have developed more than 200+ projects in a span of almost 8 years across various platforms.


  • Our clients are distributed across 15 countries throughout the globe, with our app users spread in 6 continents of the world.


  • Apart from the app developments, we also help you in the all-around success process of your app, that is also from the pre-developmental phase till its marketing and promotions.


  • Though we consider customer ratings and reviews are our only certifications, yet we believe that being honored by Clutch and Good firms as the top mobile app development company across the globe adds on to our pride.


  • We follow Agile app development, which helps us maintain the quality of your project, and accelerates the process of converting your app into a source of income, also assures for the same.


  • We hold the expertise of developing apps for various areas of industry, some of which are E-Commerce, Shipping and Logistics, Gaming, Social networking sites, M-Commerce, Real Estate, and much more.


  • We are considered to be unbeatable with AR/VR technology and apps developed using that technology and our developers are making it through the IoT technology as well.


Our Team:


Our team is just like a family, which consists form developers to analysts, who believe in maintaining a good connection with our clients.




Analysts from the core of our team, as they are the ones who help the clients in every basic procedure throughout, from planning out the budget to housing over the right platform for you.


They would not let the quality of your idea get affected by your budget and hence plan out your dream project accordingly.


Android app developers:


Our core Android team has undergone a number of tests before associating with us.


They always keep themselves updated with the latest trends whose direct benefit is received by the apps that are being developed for you.


iOS app developers:


With the right amount of technical knowledge and strength enough to sustain in the IoT industry, our iPhone app developers make sure that your idea gets blended with their out-of-the-box solutions such that your app gets a wide acceptance right from its launch.


Marketing Team:


The marketing team is consists of those masterminds who are aware of how to turn a name into a successful brand and hence work for the same.


Thus, they strategize the entire process of your mobile app development so that you come up with higher downloads right from the beginning day of your app launch.


Apart from this, other teams also consist of various developers that can develop an application across multiple other platforms and also come up with web-based applications for your company.


So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us at +1-209-348-9807 or drop us a query at and let us get back to you.

Looking forward to your association with Auxano Global Services. Hurry Up! You might end up being our lucky customer.


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