Top Mobile App Development Company In Riyadh

Top Mobile App Development Company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Whether to plan our schedule or to draft some important document, all we look up to is our mobile phone.


This shows our level of dependency on the mobile phones, and the entire credit for this goes to the Mobile App Development Companies across the globe.Thus, name any agenda and you find an app for it on either of the app stores.


According to a survey, on an average, nearly 1000-1200 apps are being added to the Google Play Store every day and they claim to reach 5 million by the end of the decade.


The number itself is enough to prove how huge is the app market to promote your business and thus coming up with an application for our business expansion is the prerequisite step to take your promotional strategies to a next level.


Let us understand the hierarchy of any  Mobile App Development Company which would help you in choosing out the best one for you.

  • The Localized Ones:

These companies are situated in and around the circumference of Riyadh and thus you can reach out to them in person whenever you want to get in touch with them.


Though this might sound advantageous, the irony is that companies as such prove out to be really expensive and also due to the localized developers working on them might not have a global exposure too.

  • The Outsourcing ones:

These companies are distributed all over the world and mainly stay connected to various online platforms such as Emails and Skype.


Though these companies may not be located in Riyadh, they prove to be cheaper and relatively affordable with a higher variety of ideas.


Also, your company gets a global touch too which is helpful to make your company have a phenomenal worldwide approach.


So cut things short, we have hunted out various App development COmpanies and thus looked out for the Top Mobile Application Development Companies in Riyadh


Auxano Global Services is an outsourcing mobile and web application development company that develops applications for both Android and iOS platforms.


With 8+ years of experience, the mobile app developers can come up with an app on your desirable concept.THus, we render your dreams into reality and all of this without burning a hole in your pocket.


How do we work?


We customize your ideas into a virtual project under full surveyance of our analysts, who also come up their finishing touches to enhance the efficiency of your project.


Accordingly, your range of targeted audience and the diversity of your app is brought into consideration which then helps you to decide the appropriate platform for bringing your app into action.


Now, once the platform is fixed, we now hand over the projects further to our mobile app developers. This embarks the development of your application.


Now your app seems to be ready to be launched!But, hey, are we forgetting on something


Comes up that phase of development which seems to be the easiest but also is the most crucial one schedules before the launch of your app.


This is termed as the testing phase, wherein your app has to pass through the trickiest set of minds so that if any mistakes or corrections can be found out and thus can be looked into before the launch of your app, hence it comes up as a masterpiece at the time of the app launch.


Well, we don’t end it up here. To sell it on the right platform, we lay set up the right platform.


Hence, our marketing team also builds up a unique strategy so that your app can have a wider audience since its inception in the App Store. This would help it to have larger hits and help to make it a successful venture in a really short span of time.


So, this justifies why have we been crowned as the top mobile app development company in Riyadh.


Well, by now, you have been aware of our methodologies and the method of working. Keep reading further to know the cost of developing your app.


How much does it cost to develop an App in Riyadh


Well, are you planning up to your budget on working forward with us,? Have you yet figured out the right platform yet?


Look no further, as we take you to an adventurous ride for your app development but, before that, why don’t you have a quick look at the chargers?

The given data shows our time delivery charges for your app development

IOS App Development

$25 per hour

Android App Development

$15 per hour

Front-end Development

$12 per hour


AS it can be clearly observed, iOS App Development is way more expensive than the Android app development.


Hence, choosing up the right platform keeping up various points in mind is the first task that has to be performed for either of us.


Android App Development:

If your target it to reach hundreds of thousands of users and thus conquer a large number of audience, then Android is your key to success.


The main reason behind this would be that developing an app and launching it on the Google PlayStore is comparatively easier and cheaper as well; plus it gives you almost double the audience that you get with the iOS version of your application.


IOS application development:


Whereas, if you are looking for a lucrative way of promoting your app, hence have the money-making agenda in your mindset then you should definitely opt for the iOS app Development.


A per the researchers, nearly 70% of the app revenue is earned by the iOS apps while their contribution to the number of mobile phones accounts to only 30%.


This number itself is a clear proof that the iPhone users tend to spend more money on the apps rather than the Android users, and hence if your major purpose of developing the app is to earn more money, than iOS app development is the thing you should be keeping an eye on.


However, it is strictly recommended to come up with an app simultaneously, rather than abruptly coming up with the apps on both the platforms together.


Developing an app for Android as well as iOS platforms all together would cost you a lot of money which is not recommendable for a start-up on an evolving business.


Nevertheless, if you are a well established business, then you can come up with apps for all the platforms altogether, which shows up your strength for both the platforms all together. And shows you as the conqueror or the ultimate winner.


Also, apart from two of the leading platforms, we at Auxano Global Services also have teams for the other platforms to, name it and we are ready to develop it for you.


Thus, Auxano Global Services is a one-stop solution for all your queries and we believe in solving them with utmost dedication and an equal level of precision.


Keeping in mind the  latest technology trends, we keep ourselves well updated with all the trends and work on its usefulness for the development of your app.


Thus, we believe in the firmness of your applies in our hands, thus are always bring up the best for the overall development of your application.


Also, we ensure that no monetary confessions come up in between the overall development of your app and thus provide you with world class services at highly affordable rates.


Also, we have not come across any company that assures you with the money back guarantee, in case the client seems unsatisfied with our services or the quality that we provide you with.


How do you Plan you Budget with Us?


Well, we look forward on dealing with your projects as soon as possible but it requires a quick look-up into the budget planning.


Planning out the required budget for your app keeps you updated with the total amounts that you would be spending just on the developmental phase, thus, you can reserve it further for the marketing and promotions s well.


Always, remember, an app without marketing or necessary promotions would be just an add-up in the pile of apps lying in the playstore.


Thus, we believe in setting up the right  marketing strategy for your app launch and thus have a highly experienced team working for the same.


From content marketing to promoting it on various social networking sites, we take over the charge of the marketing and thus set up a right deal for you.


Also, it is advisable to expect 10% more then than calculated money which ensure you of no shortcomings later on.


Thus, we believe that our work validates our services and recommend you to seek a glance through it; as no certificate can validate the quality of services or the apps that we produce, but our own actions can.


So, what are you waiting for now? Gear up for some thrilling rides across your app development phase and wisely choose out the right app development company for your work Feel the pleasure to work with the top mobile app development company in Riyadh and get the best work delivered to you right at your doorstep.


Hurry up! You might end up being our lucky customer ( Though we firmly believe all our customers are lucky for us). Call us at +1-209-348-9807 or drop us a query at and have your budget planned for us. Looking forward to your association with us.

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