Top Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

Top Mobile App Development Company in UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai)

Since the advent of mobile applications in the technology industry, the scenario of various businesses across the globe is changing.


These trending businesses now are remolding their promotional and marketing strategies and thus coming up with various tech-savvy ideas to expand the horizon of their business.


For instance, the first thing that a start-up is doing these days is coming up with a mobile application and thus embarking towards success.


Not only that, a large amount of their budget is already pre-assigned for regularly updating the apps and hence trying to keep its users satisfied.


With each passing day, various countries across the globe are now realizing the importance of the same and hence are starting to know this industry a little better.


Without a doubt, the app development companies in India are emerging are conquering the mobile app development industry in UAE because of their insanely hard working developers providing the world with top-notch apps and higher customer satisfaction rate due to their user-friendly appearance.


When we talk about the United Arab Emirates, the first thing that strikes our minds is that their diverse petroleum industry, diamond merchandise, and the multi-billionaire localities.with the launch of various initiatives by the e-government such as



-The Dubai Smart city Initiative, which has an aim of transforming the entire Emirate into a leading global smart city in the coming years.


-Amazon recently investing in one of the homegrown E-Commerce apps in Dubai, etc.



This clearly lays the fact that how important is it to have a mobile application developed for your company to ger tit a global recognition and earn worldwide fame.


Well, the local industry there is blooming the IT sector with tons of innovative apps ideas and hence the time is such that it is started being noticed by the app gurus across the world.


However, The Shaikhs seemed to be pretty much impressed by the Indian mobile application developers and their breathtaking ideas which are also taking the world by storm.


Thus, without a doubt, the leading mobile app development company in UAE in an upcoming Indian Mobile and web app development company, Auxano Global Services.


Thus, if you want to hire a company that would not only decorate your ideas with its own set of creativity but also provides you with the right amount of technicalities and all of this labeled with an affordable price-tag.


Founded in 2011, Auxano Global Services is well known for its native app development across all the leading platforms; be it Android or iOS.


It mainly emphasizes on developing apps for various entrepreneurs, start-ups or the well-established companies. The team of experts devours its hard work in developing the apps according to the time and budget of their clients.


We keep ourselves updated with all the latest trends to enhance our productivity thus rendering satisfactory services to our customers.


With our dedicated team of experts, we have been successful in developing 250+ apps covering all the leading technologies from the AR/ VR app developments(with a pinch of AI added to it) to developing apps with Xamarin App Technology, we have it all.


Not only that, we have been voted as the best mobile application development company with the apps being developed for the IoT devices.


Also, our friendly atmosphere for our employee’s corks as a stimulant for our employees and hence they can showcase their talent in such glorifying ways leading to a complete client satisfaction at the end.


Be it Android or iOS, our team of developers is well-equipped to develop apps for both the platforms. We believe that our customer reviews and client satisfaction certifies our work and hence we do not need any further validations to prove our expertise.


“We are of the belief that Action speaks louder than work. Keeping this concept in mind, we let our work speak and thus are slowly setting up a benchmark in the Mobile application development industry.”


Our Services:


Native Mobile App Development

Android App Development

iOS App Development

AR and VR Development

Game Development

IoT Technology

Wearables App Development Technology

iBeacon App Development


We believe in providing the desired quality of services to our customers and hence opt for selectivity always. Thus, get in touch with us to know more about our firm and our way of working or let us reach out to you.

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