Top Mobile App Development Company in San Francisco

Top Mobile App Development Company in San Francisco,Top App Developers

Smartphones are transforming the business the way they are connecting with the end users. Mobile applications are now the part of our life.


According to the research in 2017, Application downloaded for both IOS and Android were 27 billion across the world.Until March 2017, there are approx. 2.2 million application available on App store and 2.8 million application available on Play Store. There is much application from this which don’t need reinstallation.


In this rapidly moving world, it is important for us to keep you updated with the trending mobile application which has been introduced by Mobile Application Development Company.


In fact, we all want that everything should be just a click away and that’s what mobile application is for. Let’s see its trends and its revolution:


Let’s take a  journey of mobile application development:


Mobile Application Development Companies developed the mobile application which has features such as Social Media, Mailing, Google Map, Youtube, Whatsapp, Google Drive.


Mobile Application Development Companies also develop facilities which help us to develop our presentation on our mobile phones.


Excel, Presentation, document and also internet banking were part of a mobile application. But now, the technology has gone way too far, Robert’s, Wearable device, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of things have come into existence.


The most emerged technology is sensor technology known as the Internet of things. We all want the smart house and this is the technology which helps us to do that.


It helps us to operate our electronic gadgets from our mobile phones through its mobile application. The network of physical devices like vehicles, home appliances, and other items are formed as the internet of things that are embedded to the internet.


It can interact with multiple users, body moment interactivity is also available hand, arm, finger moments will control smart system. It also increases security of our house giving us notification of every small thing such as temperature, any on a device which can harm us.


Mobile Application Development Companies also introduced us to the 3D image which can be seen on our wearable watch. Mobile Application started changing from mobile device to our wearable device.


In future, all the things will be in the air only through the swipe we can move our application. Not only that robots have started replacing humans. Google and other companies have started using robots for their work.


Slowly and gradually robots will be everywhere. Thus, this is how our technology and Mobile Application Development Companies are growing.  


What does excellent Mobile Application Development Company mean?


All mobile application development companies develop a good application of Android and IOS  but what is making you different? So, let’s see all the points which a good firm keeps in mind.


Area of Firm: Any company can only grow if they have a good team. It is important for a company to have an experienced and hard-working team.


Strategy: Before starting anything it is important to know the whole market as well as the requirements of a client. The company should keep in touch with the client. Which can help them to improve the work and helps in maintaining the relationship?


Putting requirement in place: It is important to merge all the requirements in the mobile application in the better way. Which gives a proper interface and user-friendly application.


What are the Mobile Application trends in San Francisco:


Wearable Device:


Wearable technology is a category of technology device that can be worn on user’s hand which has help user to track health and fitness application, Social media, World Clock, Timer,  recording, video recording.




The term Beacon is also called iBeacon. It was introduced by Apple. Apple explains Beacon as the enabling technology for Apple devices to alert apps or websites.


This helps the user to know about the offers in near stores. As the consumer pass by the shop, the user will get the notification on their mobile device. Beacon not only help to know about the offers but also help to personalized the offers.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:


We love to touch and feel the things.Everything comes in 3D. This integrates everything in the real time. Augmented Reality is a computerized generated image.


Virtuality means which is based on creating the artificial environment. Which is not real but yet we can have a feel.


Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Application:


The best thing about AI is its Virtual Personal Assistants(VPA) which reduce our typing. iPhone has a facility name Siri which recognize our voice and function accordingly.Facebook also help us to locate the friends by scanning our information and comparing it with other people’s profile.


Auxano Global Service is one of the professional mobile application development companies in San Francisco which provide the best service to their client. Not only in mobile application but also in below-listed services:


  • Mobile Application Development
  • IOS Application Development
  • AR & VR Application Development
  • Cross-Platform Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Digital Marketing.




So the mobile application development industry is running at the warp pace in the current times. People need more advancements in their life day by day.

And so the IT firms are proving the best solution provided by offering such technologies and we should admire and use them in the right manner.

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