Revolutionizing The Education Sector

The education sector is rapidly developing because of the amazing effects of the internet. Consequently, this evolution has brought significant changes through comprehensive education portals. Presently, both students and teachers use these portals to enhance their knowledge and expertise in specific fields of discipline. Since education is critical to everyone’s well-being, it’s important that an education portal is well-designed to provide functional, authentic information. Here at Auxano Global Services, we offer ultimate app development solutions that are sure to take your learning experience to the next level.

At Auxano Global Services, we build portals that allow faculties to conduct online classes, which make learning a fun-filled yet prolific experience. The students, as well as faculty, can interact through robust audio and video sessions.

Features of Top Educational Apps

  • Pop-up texts and instant notifications
  • Built-in homework and schedule tracker
  • Online payment features
  • Newsletters available online
  • Through Google maps, school can easily be located
  • Instant delivery of latest course information

Great For Teachers And Easy For Parents

Mobile Apps for education cover every question parents may want to know about the school. And if you’re a school owner, then you understand how tedious it can be answering hordes of calls coming from parents who just want to know why their children are not yet home. But with a dependable school portal developed by Auxano Global Services, all these mishaps can be catered for and a better communication system can be deployed.

We Deliver World Class Websites

We’re popular for delivering world-class education portal websites to various institutions and universities across the globe. We integrate sophisticated E-learning tools as well as customized features to your website, so as to make it more attractive and user-friendly. Our veteran web developers take careful consideration of client requirements that spearhead the delivery of excellent education portals. Besides, we employ powerful web technologies in order to create superior solutions for all our clients.

The Powerful Features of Our Education Portal

  • Tests & examination assessments
  • Reports and catalogs
  • Payment gateway services
  • Job opening facilities
  • Practical sessions
  • Online forums

Digitally Transforming Entire Student Community

With the help of education portals, the entire student community has been digitally transformed and expects info that can be availed through advanced ways other than the regular route. Websites are their primary step to initiate further interactions with an institute or academy. Most learning institutions have now acknowledged the escalating demand for sophisticated websites which can effectively and pleasingly reach out to the brilliant minds. With the decreased revenues and doubled administrative costs, people are looking for affordable solutions.

Multi-Device Accessibility

Auxano Global Services’s app development solution makes it possible for your website to be served on numerous devices, each requiring unique content layouts and display sizes. All the education portals are focused on highly responsive design capabilities, which make your website to be accessible to different internet-enabled devices. Remember, this isn’t just a portal; it’s a platform which provides users with a seamless experience. They incorporate structure content and special work streams that enable blogs, wikis, and forums to function at their optimal efficiency.

Authenticate Your School’s Online Presence

Our service helps you to leverage the powerful effects of your online presence. Hiring us guarantees you of an educational platform that’s functional, authentically appealing and is set for tremendous success. We have years of experience handling app development tasks and have successfully built education platforms for many different organizations. By carefully studying your working strategies and requirements, we devise a well-planned portal that makes all the crucial information available to your students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

With the help of our expert developers, you’re sure to make a powerful online presentation that’ll make your education system appealing to your audience while making it more visible and simpler to understand.

Benefits Of Hiring Education Platforms For Your School

  • Promotes collaboration and sharing of knowledge

  • Class notes and reminders are securely communicated by staff member t the parent through mobile apps, which in turn reduces the frustrations associated with late returning of notes.

  • Personalized children’s learning

  • Helps your school community to stay connected and maintain a peaceful relationship with parents.

  • Eliminates the need for paperwork and newsletter printing, hence improving on financial expenditure.

  • Informs parents of any upcoming school events or activities