Project Overview

Fun With Math is a quiz about the numbers. Play with numbers where users can test their maths skills. Basic maths operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division questions are included. The Quiz includes 9 different levels with various types of questions. With each level they can earn the points and can look at their achievement levels.

Technologies Used

  • In app purchase
  • AdMobs
  • Objective C
  • XCode 8.2
  • Android studio

Key Features

Colorful UI
Rate an app
Invite others

Business Requirement

The client come up with a requirement to build an app for 5+ years kids related to Maths.

To create such solid base for kids in maths with which their skills improves.

There must be the Quiz App with types of questions at the different levels.

Our Solution

Auxano Global Services developed an iPhone and an iPad based mobile application name ‘Fun With Math’.

Kids can start playing the game having 9 levels with timer & earn points included in it.

Different timer is being set for the different levels.

In this way kids can develop the skills by quickly answering the questions.


  • App


Fun With Math provide in app purchase functionality.

It uses AdMob monetization to display ads to millions of ads to google advertisers.

The app is coded with objective C as a language.

It has been developed thoroughly on XCode technology.

Available on

As a result of carefully designed user interface with seamless app services, the app of Fun With Math met the objectives of the client. Attractive UI gave better user experience resulting into more number of registered users from mobile phones.