HealthCare Application Development

Auxano Global Services offers comprehensive range of healthcare portal development services . Our healthcare websites is an all-inclusive product which can seamlessly maintain the medical process in a multi-speciality hospital. Our health care researchers and developers always remain abreast with the healthcare domain to provide the best offshore healthcare application development. Our extensive range of healthcare activities includes practice management, electronic medical records, financial transactions and integrations and insurance claims. Some of our technical expertise includes :

  • Pharmacy/Chemist Store Application Development
  • Software For Health Payment System
  • Development Of Health Care Reporting Application Tools And Surveys
  • Health Care Applications With Reminder Management System
  • Software To Synchronize Health Care Devices With The Wearable Devices
  • Mobile Application Development For iWatch
  • Fully Integrated Healthcare Information System For Hospital Community

Appointment Scheduler and Patient Registration

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Daily, Weekly and monthly appointment reports
  • Quick follow up for appointment bookings
  • Add/ Update/ Delete appointment
  • Reminder SMS to patient before one hour of appointment time
  • Patient details with photo
  • Patient family details
  • Facilities of Advance booking and cash collection
  • Collects deposit amount on patient admission and produce receipt of cash payments
  • Generate admission form with patient details
  • Update bed status for transfer or discharge of patient along with transfer or discharge slip
  • Manage corporate bill details
  • Patient visit history
  • Doctor’s schedule summary
  • Doctors daily schedule list
  • Appointments for tests and operations
  • Unique patient identifier
  • Create Doctors Duty Roster, Changes to duty roster, Block Appointments
  • Appointment Scheduling, Rescheduling, Cancellation, Wait Lists, Walk-in appointments
  • View all patients’ previous visitations to the hospital
  • View Available Appointments, Booked Appointments, Visited patients list, No-show patients list
  • Telephonic Appointments

Doctor’s Workbench/CPOE

  • List of appointments booked for current day or any future day
  • List of inpatients admitted into the hospital under the care of the doctor
  • List of outpatients most recently seen by doctor
  • List of surgeries/tests scheduled for the doctor
  • Patient history with details
  • Alerts/reminders to the doctors
  • Results of ordered laboratory/radiology tests
  • Reports/Charts for each patient, appointment etc

Electronic Medical Record(EMR)

  • Patient search with advance filtering options
  • Patient demographic viewing
  • Previous visit details
  • Medical history of the patient
  • Billing details of patient

Outpatient Management

  • Option to collect /view patient vital parameters
  • View Electronic Patient Medical record
  • Physician order entry, diagnosis
  • Patient’s medical allergies and alerts
  • Capture patient’s complaints
  • Ordering (clinical and non-clinical)
  • Link patient to a suitable health package
  • Medical alerts
  • Package registration
  • Patient’s visit history

Inpatient and Ward Management

  • View BED /ROOM /WARD occupation and availability matrix
  • Bed blocking option
  • Patient cost estimate
  • Multi-level admission process (admission requests, request approvals, admission cost estimate, bed allocation and final admission)
  • Patient room transfer
  • Physician Order Entry, Progress notes/Round reports
  • Patient EMR
  • Nursing notes
  • Drug chart, vital chart
  • Generate discharge notification
  • Patient discharge and discharge summary
  • Capture all Delivery details
  • Operation Theatre scheduling
  • Pre and postoperative Doctor notes
  • Operation theatre resource scheduling (Optional)
  • Anaesthesia details
  • Capture intra operative surgical event

Patient Billing and Insurance Module

  • OP Cash and credit billing
  • IP cash and credit Billing
  • Performa Billing
  • Advance collection
  • Direct receipt

Invoice Management

  • Adjustments before closing the invoice
  • Automatic prompting of cancellation of services if not availed
  • Automatic prompts for receipts or refunds for any Balance due to/from the patient
  • Confirm the invoice and ready for dispatch and post to accounts

Sponsorship Conditions Creation and Management

  • Multiple plans/Categories can be created for one/many customers
  • Validity period for each plan/category
  • Applicable for both Outpatients and Inpatients
  • Co-payment and deductible definitions
  • Total or part Percentage discounts for each service or services under a single cost centre
  • User defined price list creation and management
  • Easy Inclusion and exclusion of services from the plan in the category
  • Possibility to apply Sponsorship conditions to pharmacy drugs and any other department and services as required

Laboratory Information System

  • Provision to set reference range for each tests
  • Delta values and trend analysis
  • Alerts for abnormal results
  • Sample Result Entry
    • Bulk Sample Request
    • Sample Details
    • Samples Received from External Laboratory
    • Samples Dispatch to External Reference Laboratory
    • Investigation and Treatment History
  • Laboratory equipment purchase records
  • Inventory and billing of the equipment purchase will be maintained

Machine Maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance scheduling and creating Checklist for tasks to be done during the same
  • Viewing breakdown status and analysis by reason as on any date
  • Tracking of machines under warrantyMachine Breakdown slip
  • Machine Breakdown slip
  • List of machines under breakdown and analysis of machine down time
  • Predefine Maintenance Check List

Pharmacy Module

  • Drug definition based on Generic name, Brand Name, form Name and Drug strength
  • Multi Units of Measurement and multi-currency
  • Stock Control
  • Drug association to suppliers
  • Dosage calculation
  • Contra indications
  • Enquiry generation
  • Quotations based on enquiry
  • Purchase order generation
  • Goods receipt (GRN)
  • Drug Expiry control

Nursing Module

  • Patient Charting : A patient’s vital signs, admission and nursing assessments and nursing notes can be entered into the system. These are the stored in a central repository and retrieved when needed.
  • Clinical Data Integration : Here clinical information from all the disciplines can be retrieved, viewed and analyzed by nursing staff.
  • Better Care Planning : Time spent on care planning is reduced, while the quality of what is recorded is improved. This makes for more complete care plans and more complete assessments and evaluations.
  • Drug Administration : Electronically prescribed drugs are more legible, thus making it less likely that drugs would be wrongly administered to patients.

Reporting Module

  • Patient Visit Report & Prescriptions
  • Test & Investigation reports
  • Estimate, Bill & Receipt Reports
  • 3C Register
  • Income & Expense Register
  • Letters, Certificates & Mailing Labels
  • Patient Summary

Dietary Module

  • For each day, based on the bed occupancy and the type of meal scheduled, a list of items to be prepared will be generated to be handed over to the hospital kitchen

  • Provision to categorize food item into groups for ease of recommendation
  • The calorie count as well as the nutritional information of all food items can be captured
  • Facility to capture recipes of food items and proportionate quantities of the ingredients used to prepare a meal
  • Dietician can create day wise meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner individually and schedule the same for any period from the application
  • Highly customizable meal plan. The dieticians can modify meal plans as required and schedule the same for subsequent days

Blood Bank Module

  • Registration of Donors
  • Blood Donation
  • Need based request processing (Fresh Blood and Stored Blood)/cancellation
  • Returning of issued blood bags
  • Transfusion Details
  • Sterility Investigations and Discard Details
  • Inter Bank Transactions
  • automated reports keeping track of inventory for stock of bloods for different blood group their Expiry

Emergency Management

  • Enable emergency registration of patients by capturing key registration details
  • Facility to capture details about condition of patient during arrival and mode of arrival
  • Record and view the various activities performed by the nurse (capture of vitals, administration of medication, progress notes etc.)
  • Move patient from emergency area into wards (inpatient)