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Internet of Things (IoT) is a new concept in the business landscape. It is storming and redefining the business sphere, creating smart interactions with clientele and greater business efficiencies. IoT solutions will be a very disruptive technological trend in the coming days and will create sweeping implications for business as well as policymakers. The “real thing” the IoT promises is based on the ability to chain machine-generated data as well as the data produced by human beings for real-time decision making. In fact, IoT solutions are likely to impact significantly on virtually every industry. This will create new business models plus sources for enhancing operational efficiencies.

Our Proficiency IoT

  • IoT-Based Mobile Application Development
  • IoT Security
  • IoT Platform
  • Data Management
  • Service Innovation
  • IoT-Based Mobile Application Development : With our highly-skilled web application developers , all your mobile application needs will be catered under our platform.

  • IoT Security : The need to offer secure web solutions necessitated more research on how the IoT can be used to boost it. From car tracking solutions to smart security gadgets, we look set to guarantee you the best security solution for you, your family, and business.

  • IoT Platform : With Auxano Global Services, you will get a smartly designed IoT platform to ease your interaction with the clients. Features like flexibility and efficiency will be incorporated in the platform, creating an enabling environment for customer-to-customer and customer to client interaction.

  • Data Management : Auxano Global Services has extended its web cloud platform to offer professional IoT services via its new highly designed Cloud Solution platform. This new solution makes it easy for IoT devices to be connected to the cloud. This is beneficial as it enables the collection of vital data that can be turned into useful information. This information can then be used to enhance consumer or business to business (B2B) services and share detailed product utilization.

  • Service Innovation : IoT enables your business to devise smart web application development solutions that encourage continual innovation of the way services are offered.

Capitalizing on IoT Benefits

Enterprises in almost every industry are realizing how inevitable it is to capitalize on the IoT’s benefits and how to surge ahead of the competition, a measure that ensures long-term survival for your business. IoT attracts more users to your site, hence boosting the overall productivity and profitability.

Organizations are relishing the opportunity to become efficient. Most top firms are continually creating interconnected networks consisting of sensors, digital devices, and machines. Whereas the computers still remain at the heart of this revolution, web connectivity is now real. In fact, it is now embedded into automobiles, industrial robots, fitness mechanisms and even vending machines. This connectivity is now changing the way you actually live and communicate. It’s bringing more security, flexibility, and efficiency to the business industry by making it possible for more users to communicate through your platform.

Designing and Developing Connected Products

From napkin sketches to market-ready products, we will take the complexities out of developing endwise IoT-based solutions. From those looking to test the market to those after commercializing their IoT products, Auxano Global Services has all it takes to actualize your dreams.

The Power Of IoT

With sensors, codes and the right infrastructure, any physical object – from automobile to a barcode – can be networked.

Our IoT Solutions At A Glance

  • We offer dependable big data analytics services that meet international standards.

  • Artificial intelligence: Our IoT services feature some of the latest security technologies. Whether it is your wearable or your car you want to protect, we can help.

  • iWatch App Development

  • iBeacon App Development

  • Android Watch App Development

  • Augmented Reality App Development

Auxano Global Services’s Proficiency in IoT

The "Internet of Things" (IoT), a powerful breakthrough in the technological sphere, refers to a variety of physical objects that coexist and interact through the net. Our IoT solutions orbits on ubiquitous connectivity and draw the inspiration from mobile application development, security, IoT platforms, data management solutions, and service innovation. These IoT solutions include digital webcams, smart wearables, car sensors, electrical appliances, and rudimentary robots. With IoT, customers can manipulate all these solutions, right from the web.

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Auxano Global Services is an international IoT company offering comprehensive technology and dependable business solutions. From concept authentication to commercialization, we have got what it takes to build smarter IoT software to ensure your entrepreneurial success. We are simply the best! Contact us today for the fairest deal.