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Project Overview

My Scooters and ATVs is a small impressive e-market for the extensive vehicles with the variety of colours. Just that you have to login add it to the cart & do the secured payment. Prices are compared with actual price & their own price that gives the transparency to the users.

Technologies Used

  • Integrated check out
  • Comprehensive security and management tools
  • Business store features
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • Newsletter configuration
  • Volusion Store SEO service

Key Features

View product photo from any direction
Choose different colors
Choose warranty period (Parts/Engine)
Select gloves & battery charger

Business Requirement

20+ years of experience and commitment to quality have earned thousands of loyal customers throughout the DFW area.

They need the great same service through online.

So that with the help of Internet, they can respond to customers needs quickly and make purchasing their next vehicle with a hassle-free experience.

Our Solution

At Auxano Global Services, we develop such Website that helps the client to go online providing the guarantee of services on the different products.

With the help of getting online they are easily contacting with the customers taking the feedbacks.


  • Web


Our volusion development service includes custom volusion store development, volusion custom design, volusion API development services for third-party apps, direct communication with FedEx, UPS and other shipping firms to make shipping fast and easy and integration of shipping manager with the current volusion store to simplify shopping.