At Auxano Global Services our team is our most valuable asset.

The collective strength of the people in a particular organisation determines the strength of that organisation. Each of our full time staff hold atleast one undergraduate degree and over half hold post­graduate or advanced degree. Many of our employees hold professional certification degree. Our technical staff is experienced and have advanced knowledge of programming language and analytical tools. All our employees are driven with inspiring and revolutionary ideas which is resembled in their daily work.

Company Owners

Rahim Makhani - CEO&Founder at Auxano Global Services
Rahim Makhani
Founder & CEO
Anil Koradia - Managing Director at Auxano Global Services
Anil Koradia
Amir Koradia - Managing Director at Auxano Global Services
Amir Koradia
M.D. (U.S. Operations)

Management Leaders

Akash Soni - Business Development Manager at Auxano Global Services
Akash Soni
Business Development Manager
Divya Balani - Business Analyst at Auxano Global Services
Divya Balani
Business Analyst
Krunal Shah - Project Manager of Mobile Application at Auxano Global Services
Krunal Shah
Project Manager
(Mobile Application)
Sunny Chhablani - Design Manager at Auxano Global Services
Sunny Chhablani
Design Manager

Life Culture @Auxano

Auxano Global Service is a full-fledged web design and development company. Our services range from UI/UX to the development of best web applications. All our development techniques adhere to ethical concepts to ensure quality product deliverance. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best suited laravel framework for their business. Our high productive and qualified team strictly ensures on time project deliveries. Our business analyst and technical team are eagerly waiting to comfort you with Laravel framework services for your business. Please feel free to contact us any time.