Big Data Analytics Solutions

The current world has witnessed massive data explosion brought about by the proliferation of modern devices and emerging technologies of data creation as well as consumption. The intensity, velocity, and diversity of data that businesses need to analyze are changing swiftly and uncovering detailed insights from this data requires efficient aggregation, validation, and integration techniques. It goes beyond borders to include analytical processes, strategies and workflows focused on generating reliable insights which spearhead real-time enterprise value.

Well-Crafted Big Data Solutions

Hiring our veteran data scientists, data architects, data engineers, and industry consultants will allow you access well-crafted solutions featuring innovative technologies. With sophisticated open-source infrastructure at the core, we’ll help your institution create big data systems that can simply adapt and scale to fulfill your future requirements. We build high-performance platforms which operate faster and deliver rapid returns on investment (ROI). Here are incredible benefits of our exceptional Analytic Solutions:

Benefits Of Exceptional Analytic Solutions

  • Rapid Delivery to The Market
  • Increased Business Outcomes
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Embracing Agility, Reliability and Business Discovery
  • Substantial Business Transformation

We’re dedicated to customer success with our powerful, scalable, high-performance Analytic frameworks, which ultimately become the backbone of every business. Our proficient mobile application developers offer end-to-end solutions with pre-order consultations and workshops. We utilize modern tools that help your business to deploy its Big Data programs to its optimal potential. We help clients capture and analyze real-time data in highly flexible and comprehensible formats so that they can efficiently device marketing efforts to strike the right markets appropriately.

Unique Big Data Techniques

At Auxano Global Services, our qualified team of Data Analytics is well-versed with advanced analytic methodologies including queuing theory, optimization, and statistics. We strive to improve processes, boost operational performance, and provide our customers with the ability to utilize actionable, event-driven insights to meet their entrepreneurial challenges. Our in-depth understanding of Big Data Analytic solutions, as well as business intelligence, is supported by a widespread network of global delivery hubs. We have lucratively partnered with principal organizations across varied domains, and we can assist you to implement an enterprise-wide analytics approach that’ll drive incessant performance improvements. Some of the unique Big Data techniques offered by our developers include:

  • Data Visualization
  • Generalization
  • Data Mining
  • Pattern Matching
  • Clustering & Classification
  • Characterization
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Management

Big Data can significantly boost your organization’s performance as it encourages effective coordination, increased visibility, and improved operational efficiencies. Auxano Global Services can help you achieve better operational and strategic solutions which fully bridge the gap between users and Business Intelligence stakeholders.

Advanced Analytic Frameworks

Auxano Global Services, through advanced analytic frameworks, enables different institutions to conceptualize and utilize comprehensive big data programs across numerous domains and focus areas. The service we offer allows companies to achieve maximum revenue and increased operational efficiency. With our big data solutions, you’re sure to get accurate customer insights, identify revenue leakages or fraud, thereby boosting profitability.


Most organizations are feeling pressured with the deployment of big data initiatives to remain valid in today’s competitive world. Developing robust, scalable big data systems is essential to every organization nowadays, and though most of them have succeeded in building an initial architecture, the solutions can’t always cope with the elevated need of intricate and varied data. Auxano Global Services has successfully delivered flexible enterprise solutions for thousands of organizations across the world. Our extensive experience in providing dependable Analytic Solutions is assisting businesses to conquer their data engineering as well as infrastructure challenges.

Our Outstanding Expertise

Auxano Global Services has exceptional expertise in numerous Big Data technologies, including Soop, Impala, Apache Hadoop, Drill, Pig, Flume, and Hive. We have also executed NOSQL programs using Redis, MongoDB, and Cassandra. Our complete analytic solutions allow enterprises to provide their customers with equipment intelligence in the environment of already existent applications and business processes. We are experts at developing enthralling dashboards, interactive reporting, visualizations, and custom ad-hoc analysis.


Our highly qualified data scientists are equipped with advanced analytical tools, including Pandas, R, Numpy, and Python. We utilize proven approaches to implement sophisticated models and algorithms which separate signals from noise, identify specific patterns in your data, and deliver predictive insights. We’re proficient in machine learning, advanced statistical science, and natural language processing.