Project Overview

The Safety Cam Mobile App will offer an immense platform to drivers or travellers to record a continuous video while playing navigation. This application is intended to make travel safer and more secure (Safety Trip), as well as it enhances user engagement and pleasure by using the fun aspects of this application (Road Trip).

Technologies Used

  • Objective C
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Php
  • Maps
  • Geo locations
  • Custom Camera

Key Features

Get the nearby locations
Show Multiple Route and Distance between Destination and Origin
Turn by turn navigation with Video Recording
Show Current Speed & Road Speed Limit
Video upload on Youtube and Dropbox
Contact through Emergency Numbers

Business Requirement

The app is made with a purpose to make users travel safely until he/she reach the destination. It assists the user to record unwanted incidences by keeping evidence for future reference. It should ability to contact 1-3 emergency contacts.

Our Solution

This application has feature of showing nearby locations along the route (such as Gas Stations, Malls, Restaurants, Hospitals, and Emergency Services).

This application has feature of turn by turn navigation with voice.

User can recording a video while road trip and upload on youtube channel.

User can recording a video while safety trip and upload on dropbox. This can be evidence for unwanted incidences.

It further provides safety by allowing the users to connect to their emergency contacts in a moment of need. It also allows for voice commands to improve safety and speed of use.

User can also call or send a message up to max.3 emergency contact numbers.


  • App


Only for Android and iPhone mobile devices.

Turn - by - Turn navigation feature like google maps with video recording

Manage custom camera to record continuous videos

Videos will be uploaded on youtube and/or user Dropbox account

Application of HERE mobile SDK to faciliate turn - by - turn navigation

Available on

As a result of carefully designed user interface with seamless app services, the app of Safety Cam GPS met the objectives of the client. Attractive UI gave better user experience resulting into more number of registered users from mobile phones.