The blooming increase in demand for the smartphone has shrunk the world smaller and now in your hand. Android is the number one smart operating system in the market today with global partnerships and low costs lead to increased popularity in the market. With lots of customization, tweaks and by supporting tons of third party apps and the best part affordability at its best with user-friendly interface and functions whose market target is the common man. In Android, there is much space for customization to the third party developers. With the wonderful opportunity to the manufacturers to embed the advanced features in androids such as boom sound, advanced camera features, and multitasking options.

Auxano Global Services is world class Android app Development Company having experienced Android app developers that deliver exceptional Android apps.

Android App Development Process

Our Services Include

  • Planning
  • Expert Market Research
  • Critical Analysis
  • Android Design Development
  • Android App Implementation
  • Testing and Integration
  • Software Release


Defining the objectives of the project and accordingly creating use cases. “Why does this app need to exist” is our prime question to answer. Will this app simplify the present process or what unique problem does it will solve? How is it going to increase the productivity of our clients business? Further use cases guide the project with all the gathered information. If in case there is already a similar app in the market, we focus on, How can we do it better?

Expert Market Research

To define the concept in visual terms brainstorm is a prototype in our process, further, we do an expert market research to get a reality check.

Critical Analysis

This is the stage we can determine if the idea is feasible, what expectations we should have for time and budget.

Android Design Development

Well, now the real work begins. Before we dive into coding, we design. Our UX designers create the interaction architecture of the design elements while the UI designer creates look and feel of the app for our clients. The end result is the blueprint that informs our engineers to envision the final product about the feel, move, and the entire flow.

Android App Implementation

We understand the importance of transparency, collaboration and rapid iteration to adapt to change are crucial to finding success so we prefer Agile approach for application development.

Testing and Integration

Yes! We have built the app. Now it’s time to test. i)UAT Testing: In this process, we discover whether the app works for users. Once the app clears the UAT test, we know the solution “work”. ii) Beta Testing: Feedback from beta users help us to determine whether app’s functions are operating well in real – world scenario

Software Release

Launch. The app is ready to submit to our clients. Congratulations!

Our Android App Services

Do you want to owe an app through which your company will capture the market? Do you want to improve your returns on investment? We provide high-quality Android application through which you can expand your business. Having excellent command on technology, having top Android app Developers, IT proven process and critical testing we deliver your dream android application. Please visit our portfolio to see the work we have done. Having experience of developing an application for various industries, our expert team of Android professionals is efficient in utilizing vast scope of Android platform.

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Our Professionalism, Competitive rates and excellent developers’ team makes us the best in the Android development market. Our portfolio covers variety and overall high-quality design. We have retained decent numbers of downloads with millions of active users because our team is expertise in Android in mobile apps and game development. Auxano Global Services best choice while selecting Android application Development Company for the following reasons:

  • Provide quality services for your business applications at affordable rates
  • We have core expertise in the Android application development
  • Our team has in-depth knowledge of delivering the best development solutions to the clients
  • We as an Indian based company is playing the best in the international market
  • We follow a perfect application development process
  • The Primary objective is to ensure that each client achieves its goals in the highly competitive application space
  • Built great mobile applications that have reached across a variety of industry verticals
  • Auxano Global Services is dedicated to maximizing the quality of your application without increasing your budget
  • Experienced, flexible team provides EVERY client personal attention
  • We have helped many startups bring a wonderful product vision to market

Our Team of Android Developers

Our team delivers the Best. We know what it takes to create a unique user-friendly app for Android platform. We are dedicated for delivering a profitable app to all our clients. The expert developers of our team Auxano Global Services keep updated with the latest updated versions of Android to make sure that our clients get the most advanced solutions.